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Beyonce Steals Song Again

November 10. 2009


Beyonce (right), looking very confused, as usual

Sony singer Beyonce is being hauled into Federal Court in Chicago, Illinois, on December 10, 2009, barring bribing the judge or a settlement, by songwriter, Ricky Allen, for stealing his copyrighted song "Cater 2 U."

Allen registered the copyright for "Cater 2 U" with the Copyright Office/Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., in 2000. In 2004, a former co-worker of Allen's gained employment working with Beyonce's then singing group, Destinys Child. 

That same year, Destinys Child, released a song entitled "Cater 2 U" allegedly written by notorious song thief, Beyonce Knowles, but bearing rip-off music, lyrics and the exact same title, as the preexisting, copyrighted song, Allen registered with the Library Of Congress 4 YEARS BEFORE BEYONCE STOLE IT.

Beyonce, has been sued and or slammed by many and I do mean many, songwriters for willfully, deliberately and knowingly stealing their federally and internationally protected, copyrighted songs, photos and videos. She has done this dozens of times, completely destroying her name. She is a running joke on the internet in this regard.  

My mother is of the belief that Beyonce is crazy to keep blatantly stealing copyrighted works and taking credit for them, consistently resulting in terrible lawsuits and bad PR, as if lying about it somehow makes her the author of the pilfered property.

Under U.S. and international law, Beyonce is a criminal, who is consistently committing criminal copyright infringement, which is a crime in just about every country of the world. She continues to disgrace herself, as most of the public now knows of her chronic misconduct and firmly believes she is a thief.

Beyonce speaks in manner that indicates she is uneducated. She's even done interviews, where this undeniable fact came shining through, as she made up words that are not even in the dictionary, mispronounced others, whilst using some in the wrong context. Someone with such diminished mental capacity cannot write music. It's never worked that way.

She often appears confused and dimwitted in interviews, flubbing the slightest questions, even a child could answer with clarity. At this point, anyone that does not believe Beyonce is a thief, is either a crazed, obsessed fan or someone on her family's payroll.

Her conduct stems from greed and pure arrogance, as she can afford to pay writers to author material for her to perform, but living a lie the public no longer believes, she insists on attempting to maintain the illusion that she is a writer, while enriching herself and gaining awards that are not deserved.

She is a disgrace to the black community, teaching young girls it is more important to lewdly use one's body for attention and cheat, steal, lie and defraud innocent people, to gain ill-gotten income, rather than earn an honest living. 

Click here for more on the many plagiarism and copyright infringement claims against Beyonce.  


Vanessa Williams in 1991 Beyonce in 2008

Vanessa Williams took the photo posted above on the left in 1991 for her "Running Back To You" single. In 2008, Beyonce ripped it off. Note the similarities:

  1. Vanessa Williams is wearing a black leotard covered by a black jacket. Beyonce is wearing a black leotard.

2. Vanessa Williams is wearing black paten leather ankle high boots and Beyonce is also wearing black paten leather ankle high boots .

3. Vanessa Williams has the front of her hair upswept with blonde highlights at the top while the back is flowing over her shoulders. Beyonce has the front of her hair upswept with blonde highlights at the top while the back is flowing over her shoulders.

4. Another sick note to add, Vanessa Williams has a daughter named Sasha. Beyonce adopted an alter ego named Sasha Fierce (more like Sasha Stupid ripping everybody off).


Vanessa Williams 1988: Beyonce 2009:

(Above) same see through jacket, plunging neckline dress, dangling earrings, hair teased upwards and the same pose.

Same blue hued video tint, same hairstyle and highlights, but the part is on a different side and both wearing coats with black :

Vanessa Williams "Darlin I" 1988: Beyonce "Halo" video 2009:

Pictured below, is Vanessa Williams in another scene from the 1988 "Darlin I" video, wearing that same black coat, makeup and hairstyle Beyonce is now wearing 20 years later in the rip off video (photo above right):


Vanessa Williams "Just For Tonight" 1991 (left) Beyonce 2008 (right)


Vanessa Williams "Comfort Zone" 1991 (left) Beyonce 2008 (right). Beyonce posing topless with a cross on her arm (bracelet) is sacrilegious and disrespectful to God.


Vanessa Williams 1988 (left) Beyonce 2008 (right) wearing the same style corset top, tutu, leggings and black boots as Vanessa Williams did in her "Right Stuff" debut video 20 years ago.


Vanessa Williams' "Darlin I" video 1988 (left) and Beyonce's "Get Me Bodied" video 2007 (right). Both scenes contain the singer getting out of the same old style black car with a chauffeur in uniform holding an umbrella for them in the rain, however, Beyonce stole it from the Vanessa Williams music video.


George Michael's "Too Funky" music video 1990's (left) Beyonce 2008 (right)


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Songwriter claims Beyonce ripped him off

Superstar expected to testify in copyright trial here

November 9, 2009 - Did pop diva Beyonce Knowles and her Destiny's Child rip off a Chicago songwriter's song?

A copycat claim contained in a 2006 lawsuit is expected to land the "Bootylicious" sensation in a witness chair next month as part of a copyright infringement trial to be held in Chicago's federal courthouse.

A Chicago songwriter copyrighted the song "Cater 2 U" long before Destiny's Child came out with a song by the same name. The songwriter also says the lyrics are similar.

In dispute is a song titled "Cater 2 U" released by Destiny's Child in a 2004 compilation called "Destiny Fulfilled." The video features sultry scenes of the musical trio proclaiming: "Whatever you desire, I'll aspire."

But Chicago songwriter and performer Rickey Allen says it's his song, and a judge has given the green light for a jury to hear his claims against Mrs. Jay-Z.

Allen first copyrighted his "Cater 2 U," -- with the same spelling -- in the mid-1990s. He performed the song locally and updated the copyright three times, as recently as 2000.

Allen's song is about "relieving the stress of a significant other, and getting them to relax." He says Destiny Child's version contains similar steamy lyrics.

When Allen's song says: "I want to rub you down," Destiny's Child asks: "Want a foot rub?"

Allen's lyrics say: "The tub has hot steam rising," and "I'm waiting to soak your body through."

The Destiny's Child song offers to: "Let me run your bath water."

"Do we say [Beyonce's] responsible for copying? Yes. But there's no such thing as innocent copying, even if it's unintentional," said Allen's lawyer, Matt Wildermuth. "The jury will decide the notion that these are simple coincidences."

Allen says he passed a copy of his "Cater 2 U" to Chicago remixer Maurice Joshua, and the two planned to collaborate on a demo.

That never happened, Allen says. But Joshua later spent several hours in a session with Destiny's Child recording a different song, according to court papers. Joshua says he never had a copy of Allen's work...





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