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2-15-18 19-Year-Old Shoots And Kills 17 People At Florida School
2-14-18 Social Networking Debates Who Is The New King Of Pop And Better Recording Artist Of Chris Brown, Bruno Mars And Justin Bieber
2-13-18 Cape Town, South Africa Receives Rain During Drought
2-13-18 Harvey Weinstein Sued By The State Of New York Attorney General For Committing Civil Rights Violations
2-8-18 Beyonce Sued Again For Copyright Infringement In Using Academy Award Nominated Footage In Music Video Without Permission
2-6-18 FBI Text Messages Expose The Fact Barack Obama Meddled In The 2016 Presidential Election In Illegally Spying On Donald Trump For His Political Party
2-6-18 More Proof Surfaces That China’s Military Has Become The Most Advanced In The World Via Ship With Electromagnetic Rail Gun
2-5-18 Judge Upholds Julian Assange's Arrest Warrant In Britain And Rejects Ecuadorian Government's Request For Diplomatic Immunity For The Whistleblower
2-5-18 The Story Of NFL Star Shaun Gayle's Girlfriend And Baby Being Killed Is A Warning Of The Dangers That Exist In Secretly Dating Many Women
2-5-18 Nunes Memo Confirms The Obama Administration FBI Illegally Spied On Trump During The Presidential Election Confirming Previous Site Article
2-5-18 Justin Timberlake's Super Bowl Half Time Show Slammed On Social Networking
2-2-18 Rihanna's Performance At The Grammys Slammed On Social Networking As Ratings Plunge To The Lowest In The Show's History
2-2-18 James Comey Hypocritically Slams 'Weasels And Liars' After Getting Caught Lying In Congress
2-1-18 Ed Sheeran Was Booed At The Grammys For Winning 'Best Pop Solo Performance'
1-31-18 Corrupt FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Resigns In The Face Of Damning Private Memo Congress Seeks To Release As House Speaker Paul Ryan Calls For A Cleansing At The FBI
1-31-18 Lawsuit Exposes Criminal Voyeurism At Rupert Murdoch's Fox News In A Sick Pattern Of Perverted Secret Spying On People Behind Closed Doors Via Hidden Cameras, Wiretapping And Computer Hacking
1-31-18 Another 'Glee' Actor Found Dead As Mark Salling Is Discovered Hanging From A Tree While Awaiting Sentencing On Child Porn Charges
1-30-18 South Africa Projected To Run Out Of Water By April
1-30-18 Royal Family Photographer Mario Testino Fired From Vogue For Sexually Assaulting And Harassing Male Models
1-29-18 Bruno Mars Wins 6 Grammys And Despite Many Nominations Jay Z Walked Away With Nothing
1-29-18 Jay Z Forced Beyonce Into Bisexual Situations She Did Not Want And He Still Cheated On Her With Others Anyway
1-26-18 Harvey Weinstein Sued By Former Assistant He Sexually Assaulted And Made Clean Up His Semen From Office Couch After Sexual Encounters With Many Women
1-26-18 Rupert Murdoch Losing Ground At His Company After Sky Bid Failure
1-25-18 Former British Prime Minister David Cameron Dislikes Former U.S. President Barack Obama
1-25-18 Rupert Murdoch's Ex-Wife Wendi Deng Murdoch Labeled A Chinese Spy Targeting Ivanka Trump's Husband Jared Kushner
1-25-18 Money Hungry Woman Accusing Nelly Of Rape Makes A Mockery Of The Court System And Victims Of Sex Crimes By Filing An Injunction Against His Penis
1-25-18 Arrest Warrant Issued For Boxer Floyd Mayweather's Father On Allegations He Punched A Woman
1-24-18 British Regulators State Rupert Murdoch Fully Owning Sky Is Not In The Public Interest And Rejects His Takeover Bid
1-24-18 Pregnant Kate Middleton Sports A Lighter Hair Color At Public Event While Launching New Mental Health Site The Public Is Criticizing
1-24-18 Music Producer Jermaine Dupri Takes Credit For Atlanta’s Rise In Entertainment But It Was LaFace Records That Put The City On The Musical Map
1-23-18 L.A. Reid Raising Millions For New Label While Claims Of Sexually Inappropriate Conduct Regarding Girl Group Fifth Harmony Persists
1-23-18 'Jersey Shore' Reality Star Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino Pleads Guilty To Tax Evasion Charges
1-23-18 T.I. And Tiny Are Facing $6,211,424 In Tax Liens After Failing To Get The Government Case Dismissed
1-23-18 Things Celebrities Fail To Grasp About The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
1-20-18 Harry Uzoka Killed By Fellow Male Model George Koh In A Fight Over A Woman
1-20-18 Tom Petty Died Of An Accidental Pharmaceutical Drug Overdose Like Fellow Music Legend Prince
1-20-18 Transgender Woman Serving Life In Prison For Administering Deadly Butt Enlargement Injections That Killed A Georgia Woman Has Died
1-18-18 Blog States TMZ Sitting On Secret That Chili From TLC Wants To Sue Usher For $1,200,000 For Infecting Her With Herpes While Rumors Persist She Has HIV
1-18-18 Rupert Murdoch Seriously Injured On Son's Yacht
1-18-18 Hollywood Actor James Franco Slammed For Sexually Harassing And Sexually Assaulting 17-Year-Old Girls
1-18-18 Taylor Swift And Ed Sheeran Keep Getting Credibly Sued For Committing Copyright Infringement And With Good Reason
1-17-18 The U.S. Government Needs To Invest In Technologies And Counter-Measures Regarding California Natural Disasters
1-17-18 Rihanna's Bodyguard On Trial For Criminally Harassing A Police Officer
1-17-18 Beyonce Continues To Fraudulently File Trademark Applications For The Name 'Blue Ivy' In Trying To Steal Preexisting Intellectual Property
1-16-18 Harvey Weinstein Slapped In Restaurant (Video)
1-16-18 Aaliyah Would Have Been 39 Today In An Industry That Chewed Her Up And Spat Her Out
1-15-18 Harvey Weinstein Who Was Once Worth $400 Million Does Not Have The Money To Pay His Child Support
1-15-18 How Did Delusional Hollywood Illuminati Cult Members Think Good Looking People Wanted Them
1-15-18 Boycott The Copyright Infringing Movie 'Den Of Thieves'
1-13-18 You Tube Cuts Ties With Logan Paul After Dead Body Video In Japan And Racist Comments About Blacks And Asians In Additional Videos
1-13-18 Chris Brown Risking More Career Damage With Jacquees Mixtape
1-12-18 Chris Brown Facing Criminal Charges Over Pet Monkey He Gave To His Daughter
1-11-18 Grace Mugabe’s Opulent Lifestyle And Acts Of Violence Brought Trouble On Her Husband Ousted Former Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe
1-10-18 Hollywood Movie Director Paul Haggis Has Been Accused Of Sexually Assaulting 4 Women In The Fall Out From The Harvey Weinstein Sex Scandal
1-10-18 Music Producer And Rapper Kevin McCall Threatens To Kill Chris Brown And His Young Daughter If He Shoots Him
1-9-18 Marvel Comic Publisher Stan Lee Accused Of Sexually Harassing And Groping Nurses In What Is Standard Behavior In Hollywood Towards Women
1-9-18 Rihanna Criticized Over Plea Against Gun Violence In The Wake Of Her Cousin's Murder In Barbados As She Has Espoused Violence
1-8-18 Harvey Weinstein Sexual Assault And Rape Victims Speak Out About Not Being Invited To The Golden Globes
1-8-18 British Cancer Sufferer Thrown In Jail In Dubai Over His Lawful Prescription Medication
1-5-18 Social Networking Slams The Late Craig Sager For Cutting Son Out Of Will Despite The Fact He Gave His Dad Bone Marrow Transplants
1-5-18 Model Speaks Of The Industry Ostracism She Faced After Going To The Police Regarding Harvey Weinstein Sexually Assaulting Her
1-3-18 Prince Harry Slammed By The Family Of Fiancée Meghan Markle For Saying The Royals Are 'The Family She Never Had'
1-3-18 You Tube Personality Logan Paul Wanted By Police Over Dead Body Video
1-2-18 Laura Govan And Vince Herbert Deny His Wife's Claims They Are Having A Baby While Basketball Player Ex-Boyfriend Gilbert Arenas Says She Is Whoring Herself Out For Money With Various Men
1-2-18 Mariah Carey's Voice Was Showing Damage During New Years Eve 2017 Performance That Left Social Networking Complaining And Begging Her To Retire



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