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Beyonce Stealing Styles Again Part 2

Beyonce Rips Off Vanessa Williams Again

March 4. 2009

Vanessa Williams 1988: Beyonce 2009:

Same see through jacket, plunging neckline dress, dangling earrings, hair teased upwards and the same pose.

Sony Music artist Beyonce is stealing from people again. She continues to unlawfully rip off copyrighted music, videos and photos, that are all protected under U.S. and international law.

She is continuing that criminal streak, in once again attempting to rip off Vanessa Williams' entire body of work, which is dishonorable, pathetic and constitutes copyright infringement, a violation of the U.S. Code.

Same blue hued video tint, same hairstyle and highlights, but the part is on a different side and both wearing coats with black:

Vanessa Williams "Darlin I" 1988: Beyonce "Halo" video 2009:

Pictured below, is Vanessa Williams in another scene from the 1988 "Darlin I" video, wearing that same black coat, makeup and hairstyle Beyonce is now wearing 20 years later in the rip off video (photo above right):


Vanessa Williams "Just For Tonight" 1991 (left) Beyonce 2008 (right)


Vanessa Williams "Comfort Zone" 1991 (left) Beyonce 2008 (right). Beyonce posing topless with a cross on her arm (bracelet) is sacrilegious and disrespectful to God.


Vanessa Williams 1988 (left) Beyonce 2008 (right) wearing the same style corset top, tutu, leggings and black boots as Vanessa Williams did in her "Right Stuff" debut video 20 years ago.


Vanessa Williams' "Darlin I" video 1988 (left) and Beyonce's "Get Me Bodied" video 2007 (right). Both scenes contain the singer getting out of the same old style black car with a chauffeur in uniform holding an umbrella for them in the rain, however, Beyonce stole it from the Vanessa Williams music video.


George Michael's "Too Funky" music video 1990's (left) Beyonce 2008 (right)


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