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Beyonce Steals From Drag Queen

November 28. 2008

Leyomi Mizrahi (left) and Beyonce (right)

Beyonce, still on her massive stealing spree, stole choreography and poses from a YouTube drag queen named Leyomi Mizrahi and as a result, has ticked off the gays. Beyonce's just mad the drag queen has a nicer weave than she does.

Beyonce was recently slammed for ripping off two Bob Fosse videos she also found on YouTube. Clearly, all she does when it's time for an album is log on to the internet and rip off everything she can get her hands on.

Beyonce "channels" Leyomi Mizrahi?

Elements of the queer blogosphere are in an uproar over whether or not superstar Beyonce Knowles “stole” some of her performative gestures in her recent American Music Awards performance from 18-year old, underground ballroom sensation Leyomi Mizrahi.

...Leyomi's signature, matrix-like performance styles have garnered somewhat of an international cult-following.



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