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Beyonce Stealing Styles Again

Because She Had It Coming

November 12. 2008

Beyonce's outfits are getting crazier by the week.

Last week I wrote about insane singer Beyonce ripping off two Bob Fosse videos. Well, she's at it again, ripping off years old, preexisting copyrighted photos and images by artists like Vanessa Williams and George Michael.

One cannot claim to be an icon or maverick, as she is trying to do, yet rip off preexisting copyrighted music, videos, styles and images from everyone under the sun, then take credit for it. That's called being a lunatic, liar and a thief.

The most offensive part of it all is she's so proud of herself with this ugly arrogance regarding villainously, willfully and feloniously violating Title 17 and 18 of the US Code at other people's expense. She'd do well to remember what the Bible says, "Pride goes before a fall."

Vanessa Williams "Just For Tonight" 1991 (left) Beyonce 2008 (right)


Vanessa Williams "Comfort Zone" 1991 (left) Beyonce 2008 (right). Beyonce posing topless with a cross on her arm (bracelet) is sacrilegious and disrespectful to God.


Vanessa Williams 1988 (left) Beyonce 2008 (right) wearing the same style corset top, tutu, leggings and black boots as Vanessa Williams did in her "Right Stuff" debut video 20 years ago.


Vanessa Williams' "Darlin I" video 1988 (left) and Beyonce's "Get Me Bodied" video 2007 (right). Both scenes contain the singer getting out of the same old style black car with a chauffeur in uniform holding an umbrella for them in the rain, however, Beyonce stole it from the Vanessa Williams music video.


George Michael's "Too Funky" music video 1990's (left) Beyonce 2008 (right)

 Note: As I mentioned previously, Beyonce who has been to this website and so has her label Sony according to website statistics reports, stole copyrighted music, video treatments, lyrics, and photo treatments from my preexisting, years old Copyrighted Catalog.

Contrary to what a certain blog posted today, the metal glove Beyonce has been wearing in her ridiculous 2008 "Single Ladies" video was not ripped off from the George Michael video. The gloves look nothing alike - the only similarity being they both appear to be metal.

As apart of a set of music videos, I copyrighted a treatment several years ago that Beyonce later stole. The metal glove is one of the items in said video.

I play the guitar and several years ago, bought 10 unusual metal guitar finger pics (most guitarists only use a couple) and fashioned them into what resembles a metal glove. It is the exact same cut out pattern to the tee that Beyonce is now wearing several years later in the glove she had made up to look like it, further proving she illegally accessed my Copyrighted Catalog. The gloves in the George Michael video look very long and angular, like Freddie Krueger's metal fingers, which is completely different from metal guitar finger pics.



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