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One Of Jay-Z's Sex Partners Insults His Wife Beyonce On Twitter

Pregnant Beyonce Trying To Grin And Bear It

August 31. 2011

Beyonce's strange, unflattering CD artwork for "Best Thing I Never Had"

Unfaithful rapper, Jay-Z, has been publicly spotted more than once with artist, Vashtie Kola, who has directed a music video for teen singer, Justin Bieber. The New York born, mixed race young woman of Caribbean descent (Trinidadian), has taken to slamming his wife, singer, Beyonce Knowles, who is 4-months pregnant with his child, the public has dubbed "Jayonce" (click here LOL).  

Vashtie's insult to Beyonce

Beyonce began publicly calling herself "King B" as seen on the artwork for her flopped, unoriginal single, "Best Thing I Never Had." This evoked a Twitter insult from Kola, who calls herself "King Vashtie" slamming her in a tweet, "It's so entertaining that broads are referring to themselves as 'KING...'now. It's cute." Many blogs jumped on the tweet, labeling it an insult to Beyonce.


How sad and crazy is that, copying the woman your husband is inappropriately lusting after and sleeping with. The woman is laughing at you and you are copying her. You did the same regarding Rihanna, who he is also sleeping with. He defends Rihanna, but rarely speaks up for you. He's a woman beater, yet slams Chris Brown for doing the same, every chance he gets, because he knows that's who Rihanna loves and not him. No wonder he thinks he can get away with cheating - Beyonce puts up with it and tries to be like the women he cheats with. Something is clearly wrong with the Knowles family


Jay-Z and Vashtie have been spotted together on several occasions

Marriage has not slowed down Jay-Z, who has women all over the tri-state area, in Los Angeles and Miami, who have been engaging in adultery with him. Who is Jay-Z to be doing that and how tragic is it that Beyonce allows what most of the industry knows and is talking about behind her back. 

Jay-Z's favorite place in Vashtie's New York apartment is her bedroom

It is also a well-known fact in the entertainment industry that Jay-Z did not want to marry Beyonce, preferring the life of a playboy. However, she had a mental breakdown (which was discussed on a Miami radio station) and threatened to leave him and do something rash.  

Vashtie posing in front of her Mercedes

I have just one question. Why are these women fighting over Jay-Z. He's not Denzel or Tyrese. Furthermore, he is married, though he doesn't act like it. Not to mention, he's considered one of the meanest people in the industry, constantly sued for stealing people's copyrights and money or stabbing some business partner in the back.

Vashtie posing for magazine shoot

All these women are attracted to, including Beyonce, is the fame and allegedly money, which is not there like people think, as Jay-Z has greatly inflated his net worth. Beyonce has inflated her net worth as well, which Jay-Z has been spending on women, clothes and cars. That money is going to disappear. 


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Video Director Vashtie Kola Calls Out Beyonce For ‘King B' Reference [Photos]

June 3, 2011, 11:13am - Famed video director Vashtie Kola caused controversy on Twitter this week when she subliminally took a shot at Beyonce for calling herself ‘King B.' As previously reported Beyonce released her new single “Best Thing I Never Had” and included a promo picture for the new track. The picture featured Beyonce standing in front of a mirror with the words ‘King B' written in lipstick. Kola, whose been known to call herself ‘King Vashtie' obviously took offense to it and wrote, “Its so entertaining that broads are referring to themselves as “KING…” now. its cute…”




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