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Stars And Satan

November 1. 2010

Baphoment symbolizes Satan

A number of Hollywood stars have been embracing symbols of the occult and Satanism, as apart of their membership in Kabbalah. Madonna, Lady GaGa, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Kanye West, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, DJ AM, Cheryl Cole, Carrie Underwood and other entertainers, have been members of Kabbalah. Some of the aforementioned stars, have been promoting items such as the sign of the Baphomet, symbolizing the church of Satan. 

Beyonce, among others in the Kabbalah cult, which practices devil worship in exchange for industry success, have been repeatedly photographed wearing the Baphomet:   

Beyonce wearing a Satanic Baphomet ring:

Beyonce paying homage to Satanic scene from movie, bearing a pentagram in the background, another symbol of the devil:


Lady GaGa wearing Satan's Baphomet, fashioned into a hat, often speaks of the Illuminati and dreams she has regarding being apart of it, which is Satanism:

Rapper and Jay-Z protege, Kanye West, wearing the Satanic Baphomet on his shirt:

A drawing of a beheaded man is featured on Kanye West's latest CD, which is a symbol of the Illuminati, an occult belief system that entails worshiping the devil for success. The severed head is also a symbol of the Illuminati in Freemasonry

Beyonce's devil worshiping husband, Jay-Z, has embraced Satanism, even emblazoning his fashionline with symbols of the occult, such as the Eye of Horus:

Eye of Horus (left) and Jay-Z's Rocafella fashion line with the Eye of Horus on it (right)

Pictured above is the head of the devilish Kabbalah cult, Madonna, laying on a Satanic pentagram in her music video

The Judiciary Report's question to these not so bright artists, who have been plagued with woe after woe, what happens when the devil demands his due from you. It's not going to be worth what you thought you've gained. The so-called success is only temporary. The suffering lasts much longer. 


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