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Beyonce Steals Again But This Time From Sam Cooke, En Vogue And A European Artist

May 27. 2011

Beyonce 2011 (left) and Lorella Cuccarini 2010 (right)

Thieving Sony singer, Beyonce, has been stealing from other artists again, in a nasty habit that has made her the recipient of a number of copyright infringement lawsuits. Her career has solely been based on copyright theft, which is a federal and international crime. 

This time Beyonce stole in great detail, the preexisting video performance of European pop artist, Lorella Cuccarini, for her appearance on the Billboard Music Awards show last week. She's being slammed all over the internet for it.

Beyonce performed the infringing song "Run The World Girls" which has flopped on the charts and paired it with a scene by scene rip-off of Cuccarini's performance from last year that was televised in Europe.

Internet users are slamming Beyonce for this unoriginality. This week Beyonce also premiered a new song entitled "1+1" which is already being panned by people online. Ironically, Beyonce's "1+1" is a dead rip off of the 1960's song "Wonderful World" by my dad's favorite singer, Sam Cooke, who he plays often on his radio show. 

Sam Cooke

My dad played "Wonderful World" so many times in the house and car, while I was growing up, when I heard the Beyonce song, I instantly recognized the infringement. A few of the copyright infringing lyrics are:

Sam: but I do know one and one is two
Beyonce: but I know one plus one equals two

Sam: don't know much about algebra
Beyonce: I don't know much about algebra

Sam: don't know much about the French I took
Beyonce: I don't know much about fighting

Sam: what a wonderful world this could be
Beyonce: when the world's at war  

En Vogue

Beyonce's "1+1" is also a rip off in certain parts, of the 1991 En Vogue hit "Don't Go." It's clear she slapped the two songs together ("Wonderful World" and "Don't Go"). There are melodic infringements and lyrical ones as well: 

En Vogue: don't go
Beyonce: don't let me go

En Vogue: let's make sweet love 
Beyonce: make love to me

En Vogue: I won't put up any fight
Beyonce: I will fight for you

En Vogue: lay me down
Beyonce: I'm laying right next to you

En Vogue: Our love's been growing freely
Beyonce: our love will heal us all

En Vogue: it's out of my hands
Beyonce: when I ball up my fist

En Vogue: body next to mine
Beyonce: laying next to you

In closing, Beyonce is pathetic - a complete fraud and thief with a career that's a farce. She is crazy and sick to be doing this. These labels need to stop signing people like her, as it is disgraceful. With all the talent in America, for Beyonce to consistently do this thieving stupidity, while deceitfully bragging she is a songwriter, is to spit in the face of true writers everywhere that work hard to come up with something original. She is an embarrassment that needs to go sit down.  



Vanessa in 1991 Beyonce in 2008

Vanessa Williams took the photo posted above on the left in 1991 for her "Running Back To You" single. In 2008, Beyonce ripped it off. Note the similarities:

1. Vanessa Williams is wearing a black leotard covered by a black jacket. Beyonce is wearing a black leotard.

2. Vanessa Williams is wearing black paten leather ankle high boots and Beyonce is also wearing black paten leather ankle high boots .

3. Vanessa Williams has the front of her hair upswept with blonde highlights at the top while the back is flowing over her shoulders. Beyonce has the front of her hair upswept with blonde highlights at the top while the back is flowing over her shoulders.

4. Another sick note to add, Vanessa Williams has a daughter named Sasha. Beyonce adopted an alter ego named Sasha Fierce (more like Sasha Stupid ripping everybody off).


Vanessa Williams 1988: Beyonce 2009:

(Above) same see through jacket, plunging neckline dress, dangling earrings, hair teased upwards and the same pose.

Same blue hued video tint, same hairstyle and highlights, but the part is on a different side and both wearing coats with black :

Vanessa Williams "Darlin I" 1988: Beyonce "Halo" video 2009:

Pictured below, is Vanessa Williams in another scene from the 1988 "Darlin I" video, wearing that same black coat, makeup and hairstyle Beyonce is now wearing 20 years later in the rip off video (photo above right):


Vanessa Williams "Just For Tonight" 1991 (left) Beyonce 2008 (right)

Vanessa Williams "Comfort Zone" 1991 (left) Beyonce 2008 (right). Beyonce posing topless with a cross on her arm (bracelet) is sacrilegious and disrespectful to God.

Vanessa Williams 1988 (left) Beyonce 2008 (right) wearing the same style corset top, tutu, leggings and black boots as Vanessa Williams did in her "Right Stuff" debut video 20 years ago.

Vanessa Williams' "Darlin I" video 1988 (left) and Beyonce's "Get Me Bodied" video 2007 (right). Both scenes contain the singer getting out of the same old style black car with a chauffeur in uniform holding an umbrella for them in the rain, however, Beyonce stole it from the Vanessa Williams music video.

George Michael's "Too Funky" music video 1990's (left) Beyonce 2008 (right)


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