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Congressional Senator Confirms The IRS Politically Targeted Conservatives Just As The Site Stated

May 10. 2013

 Barack Obama

This is a follow up to the Judiciary Report exclusive articles The IRS Is Woefully Late With Income Tax Returns Under The Obama Administration and The Obama Administration Is Getting The IRS Sued For Using The Agency To Target And Terrorize Political Opponents and More Information On The Obama Administration Using The IRS To Harass And Intimidate Politically Outspoken People. I was being targeted for being a politically outspoken conservative with a string of websites reaching millions. 

As you my readers know, Iíve been very outspoken regarding Obamaís FBI and their corrupt refusal to release the Freedom of Information files they are illegally withholding regarding me, the phone hacking case (Rupert Murdoch) and Madonnaís criminal copyright infringement (Kabbalah/The illuminati). Just release the files. What are you hiding? I have nothing to hideÖbut clearly you do (and itís going in the movie).

Robert S. Mueller

Using the IRS to target outspoken journalists or political rivals is actually a well-known old political trick that gained prominence during the time former President Richard Nixon, who was subsequently impeached, was in office. Nixon got the ball rolling targeting journalists and political rivals in this manner. The FBI is known for this as well, regarding the I.R.S., as court documents recently revealed.

Today, U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell confirmed the I.R.S. was heavily scrutinizing conservatives, especially those with online presence and non-profit status for political activist sites (Iíve never had non-profit status or applied for it).

Mitch McConnell

As stated in previous columns, the IRS owed my mom and I what ended up being $30,000 in tax refunds. The I.R.S. made certain claims in writing regarding us that were wholly inaccurate and requested a mountain of documents from us. I sent them every single paper they request on both my mom and I via fax and certified mail (cost me $100). I wasnít going to give up (I never do). Things got to the point that I had to state in writing that I will file a lawsuit to gain clarity and a resolution to the matter.

A few months ago, the I.R.S. went over the documents I sent, stated theyíve updated their files and sent a letter stating we are to inform our lawyer they are retracting their previous claims. A few months ago, the I.R.S. also began releasing the money and everything is now squared and up to date. The I.R.S. stated we should not have a problem in the future. Iím glad things were amicably resolved.


IRS targeted conservative groups, official says


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