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Cancer Is Advancing

July 12. 2010

President Barack Obama

The disease cancer is advancing, due to the fact, there is so much radiation everywhere, via hospital equipment, scanners at government buildings, airports and department stores, mobile phone and other satellite signals, beaming through the air (ever increasing technology). 

Cancer poses a massive threat to humanity, as it is advancing and can wipe out scores of the population, greater than ever before. Additionally, some very unusual cases are popping up, due to the increased radiation in our world, confounding doctors and scientists worldwide.

However, one thing that is not advancing is cancer research funding. You'd be surprised to learn many advances have not been formalized, due to lack of funding. It's the same story regarding AIDS.

However, at the end of the day, the Judiciary Report is of the belief, the government does not care, as they could not do so and in good conscience allow copyrights to be unlawfully stolen to profit underachieving, unintelligent Hollywood stars, that was to go towards producing cures to the aforementioned deadly diseases.


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