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The Obama Administration Is Getting The IRS Sued For Using The Agency To Target And Terrorize Political Opponents

Congressional Hearings Demanded

March 8. 2012


First Lady Michelle Obama And President Barack Obama

Yesterday, March 7, 2012, at 4:24:00 AM, the Judiciary Report published the article "The IRS Is Woefully Late With Income Tax Returns Under The Obama Administration." Several hours later, Fox News, the Christian Science Monitor, The Cypress Times and numerous other websites announced, Obama's IRS is being sued by the Tea Party for harassment, as directed by the president. The people I know this happened to are not in the Tea Party, but are law abiding, outspoken Obama critics.

President's Obama's inability to separate his personal and political interests from what is best, regarding the overall wellbeing of the country, is not an admirable trait. It's an alarming one that should raise red flags. To misuse federal agencies, such as the FBI and IRS to terrorize innocent people, for being outspoken political opponents is wrong, immature, juvenile, small and not to mention, illegal and unconstitutional.

Playing around with people's tax refunds and discriminating against them, especially during times of economic hardship, is a side of the president I never wanted to witness, as it is an indication that his mind is on all the wrong things and he cannot be trusted to do the right thing. Why did he do something like that. Is he that consumed by revenge that he has so lost his way.

Tax refunds often go straight back into the economy, as purchases stimulating financial growth. Car dealers, mortgage institutions, universities, clothing stores, food stores and online merchants benefit from citizen's tax refunds each year. They run advertisement specials for it. They depend on it for a yearly first quarter sales boost, as they do the Christmas sales rush later in the year. Some people rely on their tax returns for medical and dental expenses.  

It is very troubling and disturbing that the Obama Administration could not put petty political differences aside, opting to resort to this below the belt hit on citizens that lawfully and peacefully do not agree with his political views. He is abusing his post as President of the United States and he should be ashamed.

The last thing America needs is a vindictive president, who is wasting precious time by focusing on revenge, in trying to manipulate, intimidate and destroy fellow citizens, rather than working on the economy and job creation as a whole, which benefits everybody. It explains why the economy is still in a terrible state three long years after he assumed office.

Once again, what was Obama doing meddling in people's tax returns and refunds. Why is he playing with people's money and during terrible times. It is unconscionable. Does Obama not have enough scandals blighting his presidency into oblivion. At this point, President Obama has become his own worst enemy and he needs to think about that and change his behavior. People are watching.  


Obama Deploys IRS To Stop Tea Party

Published 03/07/2012 - 8:02 a.m. CST - ACLJ urges Congress to launch investigation - The Obama Administration is now coming after the Tea Party using the fearsome power of the IRS. This president has led the assault on State’s rights with a health care mandate that, if allowed to stand, will give the federal government the unbridled power to tell you what to buy, what to consume, and how much to pay.

This administration has trampled Freedom of Religion by forcing faith-based organizations to violate their beliefs in compelling them to join in the liberal conspiracy to make abortions, morning after pills and even sterilizations available to all, free of charge.

This president’s Attorney General has put guns into the hands of Mexican Drug Cartels. AG Holder has then obfuscated and suffered memory losses before Congress the likes of which have not been seen since Watergate. Those same guns have been used to kill Americans.


ACLJ to Represent Nearly 20 Tea Party Groups Against the IRS Amid Intimidation Claims

Posted on March 7, 2012 at 5:14pm by Billy Hallowell Billy Hallowell - ACLJ to Represent Tea Party Groups Against IRSIn February, The Blaze asked, “Is the Obama administration using the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to wage a war against opposition voices like the Tea Party?” The question centered upon the allegations from numerous conservative groups that the Obama administration is unfairly targeting them in an effort to stifle their speech.

Now, The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) is stepping forward to represent nearly 20 Tea Party groups against what they believe to be a coordinated partisan attack. According to the ACLJ, a non-profit legal group that works toward “the ongoing viability of freedom and liberty in the United States and around the world,” the IRS asked questions that violate groups’ First Amendment free speech and association rights.

“This appears to be a coordinated attempt to intimidate Tea Party organizations by demanding information that is outside the scope of legitimate inquiry and violates the First Amendment,” a press release quotes Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the ACLJ, as saying. “These organizations have followed the law and applied for tax exempt status for their activities as Americans have done for decades.”




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