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Virginia Rapper Shoots His Best Friend In The Head As An Illuminati Sacrifice In Order To Be Famous In Hollywood

March 22. 2013


Wafeeq Sabir El-Amin

This week, popular local Virginia rapper, Wafeeq Sabir El-Amin, 27, pulled a gun on his best friend at a recording studio and stated "you are my sacrifice" for the "Illuminati" as he aimed for the man's head and pulled the trigger (much like a gang or cult initiation). The bullet ricocheted off the man's skull and a fight ensued. The man was able to wrestle the gun away from El-Amin and shot him in the stomach, before fleeing for help. 

Madonna wearing a custom made Illuminati jacket featuring the Eye of Horus and triangle, symbols used in the occult group

Police arrested El-Amin and upon searching his property, found literature about the "Illuminati" (Kabbalah) and how it "relates to the music industry" which is being run in a dangerous manner with strong-arm tactics often associated with the mafia. Kabbalah's main private eye, Anthony Pellicano is a lifelong member of the Italian-American mafia (Chicago). Pellicano, a violent man, who did vicious things for "Illuminati" is now imprison, arrested 4-months after I gave the FBI information in an interview on his criminal wiretapping, hacking and racketeering exploits,

Madonna video with a pentagram used in Satanism 

Celebrities such as Rupert Murdoch, Madonna, Lady GaGa, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Simon Cowell, Michael Jackson, Left Eye, Aaliyah (introduced to the music industry "Illuminati" sect by ex-boyfriend Jay-Z) and DJ AM among others, have promoted the secretive, destructive cult calling themselves the "Illuminati" which now operates as the Kabbalah sect. Many of the members indoctrinated into the cult had to do very sick things they are having trouble living with and have lashed out and turned to heavy drug use and drinking in trying to avoid the reality of what they have been secretly doing.

Beyonce's Super Bowl performance featured the occult symbol "The Eye Of Horus"

Once one attains any kind of success in the entertainment industry or authors large amounts of intellectual property, the sick sect, with a ravenous greed for money and fame, headed up by pop singer Madonna and mogul Rupert Murdoch, will approach you. The manner in which they operate is much like the mafia. If you join them in unlawful activity, they will promote you to the masses via their connections and increase your bank account, while they pimp you. If you reject them they will do everything they can to destroy your life (I rejected them, but by God's grace I've survived their commissioned criminal misconduct). 

Rihanna's photo has her eye made up to resemble "The Eye Of Horus." She is also showing only one eye, as is the "Eye of Horus." 

Rihanna makes the prostrate Free Mason pose inside the Pyramid, which forms the symbol/logo of the cult, a triangle

The group's ideology is based in the occult, devil worshipping Satanism and free masonry, promoting it to the masses through music, music videos, photos, imagery, film and politics, believing it somehow brings maximum fame and wealth and will lead to a new world order, where the rich completely crush the poor. However, not being students of history, they fail to realize, when things get so bad in society that the poor are completely crushed, it leads to revolts, riots and revolutions that overturn corruption. Only a fool would want society to devolved into that type of chaos.    

Jay-Z sporting a custom made sweatshirt with Satanist, Aleister Crowley's phrase, "Do What Thou Will"

Excerpt from Satanic book detailing the "Code Of Conduct" that Jay-Z follows and one of the central themes is "Do What Thou Wilt" 

Jay-Z, a Satanist, insulting Jesus and the Virgin Mary

Where the British government has taken some proactive steps to combat the crimes being committed, arresting over 85 people, including police officers for accepting bribes (see: phone hacking and computer hacking arrests in a scandal I broke first via a police complaint to the Metropolitan Police in London, England) the FBI, who also received a formal complaint from me and interviewed me twice in 2005, has done a very poor job of addressing the criminal conduct in Hollywood. Said criminal conduct has been undertaken by Hollywood's cowardly  "Illuminati" who are using private investigators to actively engage in acts of commissioned assault, financial fraud, criminal copyright infringement, phone hacking, wiretapping, voyeurism, racketeering and aggravated stalking.   

Jay-Z and his artist Kanye West making the Free Mason/triangle/pyramid sign with their hands, associated with the Illuminati

As stated previously in the column, one of my very credible, well-connected sources who has given me some of my exclusives, informed me the head of the FBI, Robert S. Mueller, who I first mailed the formal complaint to, before I was interviewed twice by the Miami FBI, took a massive bribe in the case, as the agency has since been caught doing in other cases, supporting my previous claims.

However, what Mueller is doing is very foolish. The aforementioned "Illuminati" are a danger to the public and his dereliction of duty and obstruction of justice in the matter, has given them clearance to think they can commit any crime they want to and attack anyone they feel like with impunity, not facing the court system or prison for it. 

Jay-Z has made songs in admiration of the devil such as the tune "Lucifer"

Mueller and the FBI have failed to rein in a group of brainwashed schizophrenics, being used and controlled by Madonna and Murdoch, embracing a very sick, mentally deranged mindset that is harmful to America and the world. They are promoting and trying to provoke mental illness in the public, under Kabbalah's "Inducing Schizophrenia" especially where impressionable teens and preteens are concerned, who they see as the future. You're going to have a real mess on your hands, coupled with a mental health crisis. Congress is not going to bail you out of it when the brown stuff "hits the fan" as the phrase goes...


SHOCKING REPORT!!! Popular Virginia Rapper SHOT HIS Best Friend In The Head . . . Claims That It Was An ILLUMINATI SACRIFICE!! (It's REAL Out Here Y'all). 

March 19, 2013: A judge in Virginia has scheduled a two-day trial to begin in June, for an aspiring rapper who tried to sacrifice his friend - to become a member of the elusive ILLUMINATI group.

Wafeeq Sabir El-Amin, 27, was denied bond by the judge who called Wafeeq a "danger to the public." What happened? Well police say that Wafeeq shot his friend in THE HEAD inside a music studio while he slept. The victim awoke from a drowsy sleep to see Wafeeq pointing a gun at his head and saying that he needed to be sacrificed.

The bullet ricocheted off the victim's hand sending bone and skin fragments into his eye, according to the warrant, but the victim was able to get hold of the gun and shoot El-Amin in the stomach before he ran off. Wafeeq, who was heard shouting "You are my sacrifice" as he pulled the trigger, believed that a sacrifice had to occur in order to join the Illuminati.

Investigators recovered more than a pound of marijuana from the Athens Avenue home, according to the search warrant, as well as literature dealing with the Illuminati and its alleged connection to the music industry.



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