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All This Illuminati Talk...

Is Self-Destructive

Idiots At Large

November 13. 2009

Britney Spears

Recently, the website of Kabbalah member, Britney Spears, was hacked, with writings regarding the so-called Illuminati, placed all over it. The Illuminati is purported to be a selfish secret society that worships the devil and money. Several pop culture bloggers have been writing about certain stars belonging to the "Illuminati" - among them  Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Britney Spears and Madonna, who coincidentally, are all apart of the Kabbalah Center, much like others such as Hillary Clinton and Sarah Fergusson.

When I read the hacked writings on Spears' Twitter site, it reminded me of certain Kabbalah speak I'd previously read elsewhere. Considering Kabbalah has a habit of spying on its members, including hacking, one has to wonder about Spears' Twitter page. All this Illuminati rubbish is the basic belief that some are above others and as such, get to behave like complete animals, with no morals that go around robbing, abusing and stepping on people to get ahead.

It is also a foolish philosophy that has been the ruination of many, similar to the deceitful, self-serving, selfish teachings of Machiavelli. Don't laugh, some modern folks really believe this stuff and live by it, when it is a ruthless, vile, cowardly credo to exist under. They keep babbling on about the New World Order. You know what this New World Order you've created is called? Poverty, you idiots. You are not ushering in something better with these mad beliefs, avarice and misdeeds, in trying to tear down existing political order, through financial and social chaos. 

And for the rich folks that believe they are isolated from this massive economic downturn in America, guess again. History and logic dictates, if the populace is too poor to afford items they once did, many rich people will lose a fortune as well. This means in modern terms, people buy less food, less clothes, less cars, less luxury goods, less concert tickets, less movie tickets, less CDs and downloads. Companies go under and bank accounts drain. The lifestyles of the rich are diminished, as the upkeep, taxes and miscellaneous expenses associated with their jet-set existence, can no longer be afforded.

This is what happens when you allow the inmates to run the asylum. All this thievery that has occurred in Corporate America at the hands of a handful of rich people, who wanted to be even richer, has financially destroyed the country. The Madoffs, Stanfords, Enrons, Rothsteins, Madonnas and others, have brought this nation's finances crashing down, with their unparalleled greed. Elitism  and socialism for that matter, is not the way. A true democracy is what is best for America.

Defrauding, robbing and abusing innocent people to get ahead always fails in the end. There are no true shortcuts. Faith, hard work, decency and charity are the foundations of a good society. 



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