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Rupert Murdoch Uses Slur In Reference To Black People

July 21. 2011

Rupert Murdoch and his mom Elisabeth. I wonder if she realizes that she has raised a racist, privacy invader and thief, whose greed knows no bounds and has caused many people so much misery and grief in life. 

Former Chicago Sun Times journalist, Roger Simon, slammed News Corp’s Rupert Murdoch, who is embroiled in a criminal wiretapping scandal, as a racist and sexist that exploits women for financial gain (also known as a pimp). During a conversation, Murdoch stated to Simon, "I don’t understand anything about American sport, but I know the coloreds like it."

Black people do not like being called "coloreds" as it is a nasty throw back to slavery days and the turmoil of the civil rights era, regarding segregation. This explains so much about Murdoch's race baiting at Fox News and criminal exploitation of black people (Delusional Rupert Murdoch Thinks The Public Adores Him). The man is an ignorant racist still stuck in colonial times.


The evil of Rupert Murdoch

7/20/11 4:42 AM EDT I had a conversation with him about various sections of the paper. “I don’t understand anything about American sport,” he told me breezily, “but I know the coloreds like it.” I told him that in America we no longer used the word “coloreds,” that it was considered insulting.



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