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Obama And Congress Extend The Privacy Invading Patriot Act

The Political Tool Of Choice For A Police State

May 28. 2011


U.S. President Barack Obama and Congress, have renewed the very unpopular, Patriot Act, extending it for another four years. The Patriot Act grants the FBI and other agencies, the legal right to invasively spy on you in your home, at work and in public. 

The FBI, under Robert S. Mueller, repeatedly violated the alleged safeguards written into the Patriot Act legislation and each time they went back to the President and Congress, demanding even more power to pry into Americans' lives. 

The FBI has used roving bugs (to listen into people's conversations, via switching on the mic in their mobile phones, anywhere and anytime they feel like). The FBI has also remotely and secretly accessed people's computers and turned on the webcams to spy on them in their homes. 

Barack Obama

The Patriot Act extends to wiretapping your home and mobile phone, reading your emails, accessing your computers via a software trojan and manufacturer backdoors (CIPAV), scanning your bank accounts, anonymously pulling your credit report, GPS tracking, physical surveillance stalking, if you are targeted by the White House, a member(s) of Congress or the FBI. 

However, the Patriot Act has been abused by the government for political control, using the FBI to spy on domestic rival political, scientists, doctors, journalists and bloggers, in gaining an undue advantage in elections. It has also been used for economic theft, in criminal violation of domestic and international law, to benefit large corporations. The "war on terror" is being used as a "war on privacy" regarding innocent Americans. More often than not, the Patriot Act has been used to spy on innocent people, than actual lawbreakers.

It was nothing but a con to turn America into a police state, where Washington would have complete control and autonomous power, which is unconstitutional. It's a government "for the people by the people" not to spy on the people. 


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