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FBI Agents Making Sex Tapes, Paying Strippers And Leaking National Secrets

January 28. 2011

As a myriad of stores that have been published in the press reveal, there is a serious problem with sexual dysfunction and unruly conduct at the so-called law enforcement agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The FBI's got it all - everything from pedophiles and rapists to wife beaters, girlfriend abusers and thieves. When they are supposed to be working in the area of fighting crime, they are getting up to sexual mischief, some of it of an illegal nature. 

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

This week, CNN published leaked documents revealing widespread felonious misconduct by FBI agents and employees, proving they are criminals. The leak reveals agents have been making sex tapes, blackmailing members of the public, stealing, drinking and driving, engaging in assault against innocent civilians, goofing off on the job and abusing the FBI databases searching for women they deem hot. 

The Judiciary Report warned over a year ago they were doing these things. The site previously wrote of their sexual proclivities, but also unmasked the fact FBI agents have been using agency databases containing the confidential personal information of citizens, to pry into the lives of women they are sexually attracted to (FBI Collected Thousands Of Phone Records Illegally). However, this laundry list of criminal misconduct should come as no surprise, as their boss, Robert S. Mueller, is an incompetent, adulterous, thieving, taxpayer money squandering, lying racist.


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