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Investing In Education

Making Students Smarter, Healthier And More Civil

May 16. 2017

World governments need to invest in education. Current levels of educational spending in some nations is good, but there needs to be a global push for greater levels of learning, if society is to progress. Computers are a wonderful educational tool and can be utilized threefold. School administration and teachers can use computers to not only teach pupils, but to thoroughly analyze students grades and areas they need improvement.

Computers can be used to analyze students weak educational points, to identify where they need extra tutorial help, in an effort to make them as intelligent as possible. Computers can also be used to ascertain the subjects student excel in, using the data to assist them in choosing a career path.

Most students are just learning about themselves and the world around them. They may not grasp some subjects such as algebra, advanced English, Spanish or French. Computers can identify these struggling students, pinpoint where they are going wrong and how to create a simplified lesson plan to help them learn the materials in the school curriculum.

Ideally, it would be great if each student had their own tablet with easy to understand tutorials to help them with their school work and homework. Schools would be able to customize learning programs and load a variety of educational lessons, in bids at making students as smart as possible. Customized learning programs could also analyze each students' weak points and load the appropriate, simplified educational programs to pinpoint and correct where they are going wrong in their lessons.

Students who do not excel in formal education subjects, should be given the option of taking trade based courses in school, to help them become professional such as mechanics, plumbers, roofers, electricians and air/heating technicians. Sports programs should be made available in football, sprinting, boxing and swimming, to assist students in becoming professional athletes, which could deter them from a life of crime. It would give them something to strive for and incentive to stay out of trouble.  

Greater efforts need to be undertaken regarding using computers to combat truancy. Sometimes children have problems at home or are being bullied on the way to or at school and it leads to truancy. Immediate interventions need to be made to get these students back on the right track and in class. Computers can be used to flag the names of students who miss days from school and their parents must be immediately contacted by telephone to ascertain why the child is absent. Some nations seek to use police as a tool in deterring truancy, via authorities contacting/visiting parents, which is not a bad idea.

Computers should be used to identify the names of students who engage in bullying and other violent social misconduct. Students who fall under these categories need to be immediately flagged by school administration with the appropriate steps taken to correct their damaging behavior. 

For strong willed students determined to engage in criminal misconduct by dabbling in crime, the state should intervene and assign them to a school with a more disciplinary based curriculum, similar to a military school. Not corporal punishment, but a curriculum that emphasizes discipline, order, responsibility and physical fitness, taught by strict no-nonsense teachers. 

Bullying and cyber harassment has become a worldwide problem. Some students are engaging in abusive conduct against their peers that sends some into suicide in a desperate and misguided bid to escape the trauma they are experiencing. Students, whether in or out of school hours, who engage in bulling and cyber harassment must be identified, their parents notified and a warning issued regarding expulsion and juvenile detention centers.

Most students will not want to end up expelled from school and placed in a juvenile detention center for bullying and cyber harassment. Therefore, such a strong deterrent would keep many pupils in line and potentially save other students lives, as the global suicide rate among teens is escalating due to bullying and harassment from their peers. Something must be done to stop it.

School software programs can be used, along with lectures, to teach civility, it an effort to combat the widespread bullying going on in a number of nations. Kids have become more violent and impatient, due to items they see in movies, on television shows and social networking. Music espousing violence, drug use and domestic violence is also proving harmful to impressionable youth. Students need to be taught civility, good manners and tolerance.

As stated previously on the site, I scour social networking for items that are of concern to the public, to gauge what people want to read about and the topics that are of importance to readers. Sometimes I'm disheartened to read some of the comments on social networking, such as people telling others (including minors) to kill themselves or they deserve to be beaten and raped. The levels of incivility online can be extreme. In starting with students, via teaching them to be more civil to others, society can combat some of the dysfunctional and violent behavior transpiring among the public.

In closing, there also needs to be an emphasis on giving students healthier meals with less sugar and fat. Healthy food does not taste bad when prepared and presented correctly. There is a way to make healthy food appealing to students. Students also need to be taught about exercise, metabolism and the potential dangers they face from diabetes, high blood pressure and heart attacks from eating the wrong foods and leading a sedentary lifestyle.


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