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Did The FBI Fail Again

November 6. 2009

FBI Director Robert Mueller and Senator Patrick Leahy

Six weeks ago, on September 24, 2009, in the FBI Blames NYPD For Botched Terror Bust article, the Judiciary Report, once again condemned the FBI's standard practice of letting criminals run free amongst innocent people in society, hoping to catch them in greater wrongdoing, while spooling others into their web of crime. The Judiciary Report has condemned this practice for years, as it is quite dangerous.

Maj. Nidal Hasan

According to published reports in prominent newspapers and on networks today, regarding the Fort Hood massacre that left 13 people dead and 30 wounded, "The FBI was given the gunman's name six months ago" due to threats issued online. Six months ago, a man by the uncommon name of, Nidal Hasan, which is the exact same name as the American-born radical Muslim being held in connection with the Fort Hood killings, posted very violent items online about the U.S. army and bringing Jihad to America.

Video: Army General: 'This Was a Kick in the Gut'


Hasan made written statements on the internet, calling for Muslims in America to strap bombs to themselves, go to Times Square in New York and detonate them, killing innocent people. He made hateful remarks with very violent leanings regarding America. Hasan is currently in custody and on a ventilator, after being stopped in his tracks, via four bullets from a quick thinking female solider, by the name of Kimberly Munley. Wow, with that kind of precision, you must be able to shoot a fly off a mosquito's back.

Kimberly Munley

If this allegation regarding the FBI having known about this man's unlawful threats for six months, turns out to be accurate and most press outlets are insisting it is true, it would mean these terrible crimes could have been prevented. This is exactly what the Judiciary Report was referring to several weeks ago, as something that could happen at the hands of a lone criminal, if the FBI continued to let terrorism targets remain free, to see where cases can lead:

"The Judiciary Report would like to know, why the FBI had alleged terror plotters roaming around among civilians, for such a long period of time, before arresting them. What if their alleged plan had deviated and a lone surveillance target initiated a bombing on his own, wiping out scores of innocent people. What would you have told the public, then. These investigations are very poorly handled and pose a great danger to the public. The FBI is playing with fire using behavioral scientists and analysts to guess what these alleged criminals will do next. There is no perfect science to guessing the minds of crazy people. They are ruled by impulses that often go beyond the realm and understanding of socio-science." - September 24, 2009.

The Judiciary Report has been stating for years the FBI’s method of investigation is terribly dangerous, flawed and would cost innocent people their lives. Why was Hasan not investigated? The written threats made online six months ago should have been immediately investigated. Paperwork to have that person arrested should have been processed immediately, as the individual is glorifying, threatening and calling for Jihad. The person could have been arrested on treason charges and or making terroristic threats.

Federal law enforcement should have impressed upon the Court that said individual be remanded into custody, as his written threats of Jihad make him a serious danger to the public, where innocent people could lose their lives (As a preventative measure, there should be processing time, allowing law enforcement to hold terror suspects in a cell for a few days, revoking any communication with the outside world, lest they tip off any existing terror accomplices).

While, that was going on, someone should have instruct staff to immediately obtain warrants to search every single thing this man owns or ever did, enabling one to go after leads in investigating each and every phone number, email, text message, credit card purchase, receipt and place he has been, that can be obtained via existing records. This would enable one to find out exactly whom the suspected criminal was communicating with in various formats.

But the FBI doesn't work that way. They conduct investigations butt backwards, posing a terrible risk to the public. Furthermore, if it was indeed Hasan that made the threats online, his security clearance should have been revoked six months ago, as he has been working on a base with 40,000 army personnel.

U.S. President Barack Obama has promised answers on the terrorist attack at Fort Hood

You don’t leave individuals like that to roam among innocent people in society, watching and waiting to see if they will do something violent, when you have enough probable cause to make an arrest. Stop letting people that show criminal intent via terroristic threats and declarations, wander around free, as you may not have enough time to avert a catastrophe, if they divert from their original plans, substituting it with an improvisational act of violence or murder.

Once again, if the individual that made the aforementioned threats online, was indeed Hasan, as is being stated in the press, had the FBI, who still reads this website everyday, followed what the Judiciary Report wrote several weeks ago and a few months before that and a few months before that, regarding abandoning these criminally negligent wait and see practices in criminal cases, those 13 soldiers would be alive today.

Irrespective of what is revealed regarding the identity of the internet poster by the name of, Nidal Hasan, who made the threats in question, as a "victim of crime" that has been greatly harmed by the FBI’s severe criminal negligence and seen their practices up close, breaking story after story on them, I can testify, there is no method in their madness, to borrow from the phrase. It makes no sense, does not add up, nor does it work out in the end.

They sit back and allow extensive, horrible damage to happen to innocent people, time and time again, due to horrific mismanagement, terrible corruption and very poor leadership at FBI headquarters. For further reference see the Bernard Madoff case, the R. Allen Stanford indictment and the current mortgage crisis, all items the FBI knew of for many years before each transpired and did absolutely nothing to stop from happening and damaging innocent people, though it was in their power to do so. Their criminal negligence is of such great proportions, no decent human being will ever be able to decipher it, as it is based in bureaucracy, crookedness, arrogance and ego.

FBI Director Robert Mueller

Then, the FBI gets mad and labels outspoken critics such as the Judiciary Report unpatriotic and subversive, but it is they who could care less about people and this site doesn’t support stupidity. After all, this is the same FBI that thinks it knows more than everyone else on the planet, so much so, it clumsily invented its own form of science in the Bruce Ivins Anthrax case that not one real scientist can make a lick of sense out of, as it is based in, what is the word I'm looking for, stupidity. Ok, I'll be nice, it is based in fantasy.

It’s all good and fine for the FBI to go into Congress bragging about their so-called technological advancements, when the Judiciary Report’s sister site, the Sound Off Column, began writing about them in 2006, they didn’t even have email or a working computer system, for which the site proactively offered constructive suggestions, through a series of articles, on how to remedy the problem from an IT standpoint, as it posed a great risk to national security.

But at the end of the day, to have the tools and no basic common sense or good management and effective leadership to navigate the nation through the law enforcement challenges of the 21st Century, invalidates any so-called technological strides the FBI claims it has made. The Judiciary Report is of the belief the FBI needs to be closed and the U.S. Congress should start a new national law enforcement agency, as the current one is not listening to reason, logic or following sound practices, due to being so immersed in corruption and incompetence.

But knowing Congress, they are going to wait until something even worse happens that is widespread and horrific in scope, before they address the problems at the FBI. However, Congress should hope that one day their negligence in overseeing said agency, doesn’t inadvertently affect their families, in the manner they’ve allowed the FBI’s criminal negligence to harm other innocent families.

For example, in the movie “Rendition” there was a corrupt Muslim officer, so immersed in helping the C.I.A. torture an innocent Arab-American citizen, wrongfully believed to be a terrorist, that he failed to pay attention to his own family, namely his daughter, who was dating a man that unbeknownst to her was a suicide bomber. One day, while out in a town square, she went up to him and he opened his shirt to reveal a bomb strapped to his chest, ready to commit a terrible human atrocity. His daughter accidentally died with bomber and many other innocent people in the town square.


Fort Hood shootings: FBI given gunman's name six months ago

Published: 9:59PM GMT 06 Nov 2009 - The US Army major who killed 13 people in a shooting spree at America's biggest military base had come to the attention of the FBI six months earlier over possible links to extremist comments posted on the internet.

Major Nidal Malik Hasan, a devout Muslim who was trying to buy his way out of the Army, was suspected of being the author of postings which compared suicide bombers to heroic soldiers who throw themselves onto grenades to save others. It also emerged that Hasan, 39, had described the US Army as "the aggressor" in Iraq and Afghanistan and was resisting a planned deployment to Afghanistan, raising questions over whether the military missed warning signs which might have prevented the massacre.

Witnesses said Hasan shouted "Allahu akbar", Arabic for God is great, as he opened fire – a phrase commonly used by Islamic militant suicide bombers – though investigators said there was no evidence he had been recruited by al-Qaeda or other Islamic extremist organisations. Hasan – who was initially thought to have been killed – is being kept alive on a ventilator after being shot four times by a civilian policewoman who was the first officer on the scene of the shooting at Fort Hood, Texas. Officer Kimberley Munley, whose actions were described as "amazing and aggressive", is one of 30 survivors who were shot by Hasan, of whom 28 remain in hospital.

Six months ago the FBI was alerted to postings by a blogger called Nidal Hasan on the Scribd website. The author wrote about a US soldier who had died smothering a grenade blast, saying: "Scholars have paralled (sic) this to suicide bombers whose intention, by sacrificing their lives, is to help save Muslims by killing enemy soldiers. "If one suicide bomber can kill 100 enemy soldiers because they were caught off guard that would be considered a strategic victory."...



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