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FBI's WMD Department Rebuked By IG

September 29. 2009

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller: Please don't let her say all she knows!

The Judiciary Report has consistently maintained, the FBI's WMD, Weapons Of Mass Destruction department, is sorely inadequate, providing the nation with a false sense of security and defective crutch that will fail when needed most. In an article one year ago, on September 11, 2008, the Judiciary Report stated, "The FBI's Robert Mueller, who was in office when the attacks occurred, later started a 'Weapons Of Mass Destruction' department, which is inadequate and providing the nation with a false sense of security. "

This week, the Judiciary Report was proven correct, when the Department Of Justice's Inspector General, unmasked several terrible faults with the FBI's "Weapons Of Mass Destruction" department. The revelations in his report have left many in the press and public astonished.

Note to Congress: By God's grace, Judiciary Report was proven right again. The FBI needs a complete overhaul. There is no method to Mueller's madness, as the FBI is in a severe state of disarray and disorganization. This is going to breed very bad results. Congress needs to get a team in there and straighten it out or they are not going to meet the challenges that lay ahead in the world. The world order and technology is changing and the FBI is behind, when they are supposed to be ahead. It doesn't have to be this way.


FBI Weapons of Mass Destruction experts failed simple test questions, report says

September 28, 10:34 PM - Some of the FBI's so-called 'experts' on Weapons of Mass Destruction couldn't even name the most important targets and threats in their own back yard, according to the Justice Department's Inspector General. In an audit released today, the Houston field office was examined along with seven other field offices and the bureau's headquarters. The report spells out that those WMD 'experts' are now in place at all field offices, and yet some flunked the test when they were asked to name the 10 top threats and targets in their areas.

Some simply answered the quiz by listing off threats and targets that had been assembled by previous assessments in other divisions, while others actually called their peers to help them answer the auditors' questions. The report also says those experts, known as "WMD Coordinators" are also not getting crucial intelligence from local law enforcement and other FBI offices that could identify emerging threats.

Then, there is the question of training for those FBI experts. The report states, "We also found that the FBI has not established specific qualifications that WMD Coordinators need so that they can perform their critical functions." The report says that without requiring that specific training for these experts, "The FBI is not positioned to identify and mitigate knowledge gaps in WMD preparedness."

The report mentions that since some of the WMD coordinators had none of the specific training that is needed for this type of work, "Some Coordinators had no background in WMD matters or had received only limited training before being named their field division's WMD Coordinator."

The 97-page report pointed out that only 7-percent of those 57 WMD Coordinators had received training about nuclear threats, 25% had been trained on radiological material being used as weapons, and 28% had been trained on chemical weapons being used by terrorists, home-grown or otherwise...


REPORT: http://www.usdoj.gov/oig/reports/FBI/a0936.pdf



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