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Did The FBI Fail Again Part 2

November 7. 2009

Video: Army: Shooting Suspect Taken Off Ventilator


More information has been released on the motives behind the Fort Hood army base shooting, which left 13 people dead and 38 wounded, some physically impaired for life. Wow, how sad. As covered yesterday, the alleged shooter, Maj. Nidal Hasan, was openly expressing his approval of Jihad activities and getting into arguments with soldiers on the base. That was a bad sign.

President Obama has asked that people not jump to conclusions regarding the shooter's Muslim heritage

The FBI, headed up by questionable director, Robert S. Mueller, has been floating various excuses in the press, including blaming the DOJ, in the Washington Post, claiming their guidelines tied the hands of the error prone law enforcement agency, when it was recently revealed, they were given the shooter's name six months ago. However, if one makes a written threat to kill the President of the United States, one is eligible for investigation and imprisonment, as has happened to several people. Therefore, you mean to tell me, a man can go on the internet and in writing, call for Jihad, urging Muslims to murder and blow up Americans and the FBI can't do a thing about it. Why am I not buying that story.

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller and Senator Arlen Specter

People who espouse pro-Jihad views and make statements to that effect, verbal or written, generally do not fall under the category of mild mannered mischief. Threatening Jihad is some serious stuff. You act like he threatened to throw eggs at someone. He was writing about throwing bombs. The FBI also cited a heavy workload, as another possible excuse. If the agency didn't have a million and one initiatives and task forces, maybe it could gain some focus and direction. I do not know how they keep track of them all and this is apart of the problem.

Maj. Nidal Hasan

Whatever happened to putting things into simple categories, such as "national security" "terrorism" "pedophiles" "civil rights" "white collar" and "computer crimes." Keep it simple. Then, divide the agents into those categories. Instead, the FBI is disorganized, too compartmentalized, tribalized, fragmented and splintered, as they literally have hundreds of departments and initiatives, with ridiculously long titles that no one can truly remember off the top of their head the first dozen times. Gain some focus and cohesion. Consolidate. Once again, I do not understand the FBI, as their ways make no sense to those operating under the principles of logic, order and common sense.


Probe of suspect's motive begins

The FBI contends with a heavy volume of Internet comments from white supremacists, religious radicals and other fringe groups...Additionally, under Justice Department guidelines, the FBI cannot open an investigation based solely on a person's speech, even if it demonstrates racist or extremist tendencies. The rules applied to James W. von Brunn, the alleged Holocaust Memorial Museum shooter whose writings had come to the attention of law enforcement but who was not investigated before the deadly attack this year.


Tim Reid: Warning signs were there as killer strove to leave military

Saturday November 07 2009 - His name appears above radical internet postings discussing Islamic suicide bombers in a favourable light -- something the FBI was alerted to six months ago. He became involved in frequent arguments with soldiers at Fort Hood because of his declarations that fellow Muslims "should stand up and fight against the aggressor", and his vocal opposition to US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He even appeared to celebrate the shooting death of a soldier at an Army recruiting centre in Arkansas in June, carried out by a Muslim convert. He said at the time that Muslims should strap on suicide bombs and detonate them in New York's Times Square. These extraordinarily provocative statements and actions by US army psychiatrist Major Nidal Malik Hasan came months before his massacre at Fort Hood, which began with him shouting "God is Great" in Arabic...

After the shooting in Little Rock, Colonel Lee added: "He seemed happy about it. He said . . . maybe we should get out of Iraq and Afghanistan. He said maybe . . . people should strap bombs on themselves and go into Times Square." Six months ago, the FBI was alerted to a posting on a website called Scribd.com, under the username "NadalHasan", comparing the actions of an American soldier who threw himself on a grenade in Iraq with those of Islamist suicide bombers.

"He intentionally took his life for a noble cause, saving the lives of his soldier. To say that this soldier committed suicide is inappropriate. It's more appropriate to say he is a brave hero," Nadal Hasan wrote. "If one suicide bomber can kill 100 enemy soldiers because they were caught off guard, that would be considered a strategic victory." US officials said the FBI looked into the posting but had not begun an official investigation by the time of the shooting....


Hmm. Can't imagine what Major Malik Nadal Hasan's motivation could have been

November 6th, 2009 - Nor it seems can the liberal mainstream media. I was watching BBC’s Newsnight when the story broke of a killing spree at a Texas military base and instantly wondered – as I’m sure did 99.99 per cent of its other viewers – whether this had anything to do with the Religion of Peace. Then a news update came in that the suspect’s name was ‘Hasan’. But the BBC’s reporter hastened to reassure us that there was “no evidence” to suggest this was an act of “terrorism”. Phew! Perish the unworthy thought.

Even today, the MSM is treading on eggshells regarding the killer’s possible motivation.... And, yes, of course, that old favourite – passive combat stress: Having counseled scores of returning soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder, first at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington and more recently at Fort Hood, he knew all too well the terrifying realities of war, said a cousin, Nader Hasan. “He was mortified by the idea of having to deploy,” Mr. Hasan said. “He had people telling him on a daily basis the horrors they saw over there.”



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Did The FBI Fail Again Part 2

Did The FBI Fail Again



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