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Why Do Kabbalah Members Look So Evil

November 12. 2010

Britney Spears

Why do members of the Hollywood cult, Kabbalah, look so evil. Rhetorical expression. They participate in cult rituals that are sick, depraved and Satanic in nature, opening them up to all sorts of terrible vices and vibes. 

Lindsay Lohan

The schizophrenic cult has damaged many lives, yet its brainwashed members continue to run loose with misconduct that can only be described as psychotic and a terrible danger to the public. 

Rihanna wearing devil horns (top photo) and flashing the mark of the beast devil horns with her fingers (photo above)

They hide behind celebrity, when they should be in prison for things like theft, DUI and assault. Kabbalah is a satanic cult and the criminal misconduct of its members, such Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Chris Brown, Rihanna and Madonna, to name a few, is revealing it.

Beyonce wearing a satanic baphomet, sporting an evil look on her face

Beyonce making the "mark of the beast" devil sign with her fingers with an evil look on her face

They think it is cute and good luck to play with the devil, promoting it via their sick products, but what happens when he starts to play with you back and you lose everything, as you are promoting destructive conduct that has brought down many, who trod the same path of recklessness before you.

Madonna making one of her usual unflattering, evil faces, creating even more wrinkles

Madonna laying on a Satanic pentagram in her music video

Madonna looking grim and evil, whilst scaring little children and small animals


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