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Rihanna CD Bombing Again

November 20. 2010

Rihanna pulling a Lindsay Lohan wearing a "fu*k you* necklace for a meeting with young, impressionable kids 

Rihanna's latest CD "Loud" is bombing, turning in average sales, in a time when artists like Taylor Swift are dominating the charts. Every other major artist in her genre that released a CD this year has outsold her. This marks her second bomb in a row. That's what she gets for stealing Woody Woodpecker's hairdo.

Seriously, with such low starting numbers, her new CD is destined for failure, as the sales fall off that inevitably comes, will have a low starting point to begin with. Maybe she'll stop stealing other people's copyrights and stop being such a fraud, as no one that knows about such a thing respects such deplorable conduct. However, she is an avarice with no morals or decency and won't stop until she gets locked up for going too far.


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