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Note: Sorry for the delay, the site was hacked and defaced again by Madonna's hacker 

Chris Brown Showed Up In My Neighborhood

November 13. 2010

Chris Brown

Yesterday, November 12, 2010, I ran an article on the Judiciary Report entitled Why Do Kabbalah Members Look So Evil. In the article, I mentioned Sony Music artist, Chris Brown, as a member of the Kabbalah cult, headed up by pop tart, Madonna. As many of you know, the Kabbalah cult has been repeatedly approaching me and each time they were rebuffed. They have been criminally stealing preexisting items from my Copyrighted Catalog and using it in violation of domestic and international law. They gained illegal access to the Copyrighted Catalog via proven hacking, made an illegal copy of it, then began using it without permission, constituting a score of felonies.

Sony, who is a partner of Madonna's, invited me to their offices via email, at a time I did not know they were preparing to illegally mass produce items from my preexisting Copyrighted Catalog (I did not go). Madonna also put her producers and industry associates (Timbaland, Jelleybean Benitez and P Diddy) up to contacting me on Twitter, MySpace and through a former acquaintance she paid money to call me, after he obtained my number from one of my friends.

Recently, I received an invitation emailed to my website, requesting I attend an event starring Madonna's brother Christopher Ciccone (I didn't respond to the email nor did I go to the event). Let's not forget how madwoman Madonna got a DJ at Nova 919 to contact me via email in trying to get me on a show featuring her family and friends, when I am neither. She tried it again more recently regarding another radio show.

Numerous Kabbalah "chevras" as they are called, have also repeatedly approached me in public in acts of criminal, aggravated stalking and harassment. One minute they are smiling and the next they are psychotically and angrily repeating the private details of my life, computer contents and phone calls, among other things, back at me, in crimes pioneered by Madonna's sick private investigator, Anthony Pellicano. She has switched to a new private investigator, who is even more depraved, violent and perverse.  

I have written about their misconduct online, which has been read by millions of people all over the world. I have received many messages of sympathy, due to the constant harassment from Madonna and her fellow cult members in Hollywood. I make it a point to stay away from these people, as their behavior is very sick and vile.

I currently live in a small, historic, middle class Miami suburb. The majority of residents are 50 and up. It's not glitzy Miami Beach, where one will see stars. It's on the mainland, pretty quiet and out of the way, which is what I like, as I am a private person. I spend most of my time doing scientific and medical research work, writing copyrights and posting articles to my websites that are doing very well, thanks to the public's patronage. In the12-years I have lived in this neighborhood, I have never seen a celebrity. Not once. 

However, since Madonna began her madness against me, it has been one strange issue after another, from limos circling my home and parking out front for extended periods of time, SUVs with visible surveillance equipment sitting on my block upsetting my neighbors, crazy Kabbalah members knocking on my front door pretending to be from the cable or phone company, repeated break-ins documented by police reports, where copies of preexisting, copyrighted CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMS with my unpublished copyrights on them, were stolen and later criminally used by Madonna and Sony, among others in her circle, without permission and as mentioned above and a host of harassment and stalking.

Madonna (center) and Rihanna (right), who is a member of her Kabbalah cult that she illegally passed my copyrights on to and they were used by her as well, without permission 

Yesterday, after finishing a massive amount of paperwork, then posting articles to the Judiciary Report, I left the house to meet up with my family and a friend at the Cheesecake Factory. My birthday was this past Monday. However, I was busy and tired after finishing all my work for the day, therefore I postponed my birthday dinner until yesterday. I exited the house, briefly spoke to a neighbor along the way and said hi to another one. 

I went to the local bank I have been using for years, which is five minutes from my house, where they know me, as it is a small town. One of the banker's inquired about my mom, as we usually go there together. I made a couple deposits and left the bank a few minutes after closing time...and who do I see outside...one hour after I wrote about him and Kabbalah on the Judiciary Report. It was Chris Brown behind the wheel of a black Escalade, a menacing looking bodyguard in the passenger seat and two other men in the back seat, all staring at me. 

As stated previously, I do not live in a flashy neighborhood, so the Escalade with all that chrome and the imposing rims stood out like a sore thumb. The first person I saw was the bodyguard, then I looked over at the driver and it was Chris Brown. His massive diamond earring was gleaming, which was another thing that stood out, as people in the neighborhood generally aren't flashy. 

Here is Brown, who in tandem with his cult, Kabbalah, has been invading my privacy and criminally stealing music from my preexisting copyrighted work. I am a victim of crime thanks to their sick cult and there he was, 10 feet in front of me, staring at me. I wasn't amused at all. I gave him such an angry look. After I glared at him in response to them being right in front of me, staring at me, he looked away, then I did as well and that was the end of it. He drove off, as his bodyguard let out a small laugh. However, I memorized their license plate number, then wrote it down. The licenses plate number was "210 XLD."

This morning I did a Google search to confirm where Chris Brown was yesterday, as fan sites usually have that type of info and sure enough, he has been in Miami this week and was spotted at a Miami Heat game on Thursday, November 11, 2010, which is the day before Brown stopped his SUV in front of me outside the bank. He was wearing that same hooded sweatshirt, pictured above, as he did yesterday outside the bank. I am of the belief, Madonna put him up to it, as he stated to the press, he is working on a song with her to be released on an album. 

I ask you, under the circumstances, in light of all the harassment and theft I have been victim to at the hands of the sick Kabbalah cult he belongs to, how was it appropriate that Chris Brown stalked me in this manner. As stated previously, it's a modest community. People know each other. They know me at the bank, the library and the post office. There are no flashy restaurants or nightclubs. It's not a celebrity type place. Therefore, Brown really had no reason to be there and right in front of me, other than harassment and stalking. 

I am not bothering him or any of them in that cult. I don't know where they live or go on a day to day basis and have no interest in finding out. I keep to myself, yet they are constantly going out of their way to engage in some form of unwanted contact, which I have made crystal clear, I dislike, as I find it harassing.

There is irrefutable evidence illustrating, Kabbalah, has illegally hacked my websites and accompanying email accounts, sent loads of harassing and crazy emails to my websites, waged DDOS attacks against my sites in attempting to knock them off the internet, repeatedly broke into my home, illegally wiretapped my phones Anthony Pellicano style, paid a private investigators to illegally stalk and approach me on a regular basis, coming up to me with inappropriate and disturbing speech, which then turned into Kabbalah "chevras" stalking and approaching me with threatening speech and trying to put their hands on me, in some form or another. The copyright infringement continues as well. Yet, rather than quit, as there is all this damning evidence against them, testifying to their criminal conduct, they continue to ratchet up the lawbreaking misconduct. 

Rihanna and Chris Brown are in Kabbalah (Rihanna's wearing the cult's red string bracelet in photo above). Chris Brown is  scheduled to work with Madonna on a new record. 

Recently, my sister, who lives in Jamaica, graduated university with a degree in international relations and languages. She won a place in a great exchange program in France, to teach English at a campus for several months. She left for France in September and we have all been excited for her, as it is a great opportunity to experience another culture. I spoke to my family about it over the phone and they told me the name of the city she would be staying in (albeit, over a phone that is still illegally wiretapped by Madonna's private investigator). 

A couple days after that call, I received an email purporting to be from my sister's mother and the title had the exact name of the city in France she was headed to for the program, which was told to me over the phone days prior. The email also had a symbol indicating an attachment is present. I didn't open it at first, because I really was not sure it was from my sister's mom, though it had her name in the title. 

I then spoke to my dad about my sister's trip to France and he said, she'd also be visiting the capital, Paris, which is a few hours away from where she'd be working. A few days after that, I received another email purportedly from my sister's mother regarding "Paris" bearing another attachment. After that happened, I asked my sister over the phone if her mom has been emailing me about her trip to France and she said no. It turns out, it was Madonna's hacker that works for Madonna.com sending the emails. 

How does one even attempt to justify becoming so fixated with someone, one engages in obsessive, stalker behavior, via constantly trying to contact someone that has clearly expressed they want no involvement with you in any measure. Furthermore, what does my family in Jamaica have to do with them, that this lunatic is putting her deranged hacker up to sending me emails at my website, pretending to be my sister's mom. In other words, they were arrogantly letting me know they know exactly where my sister is, based on phone calls they illegally intercepted via wiretapping, as seen in the Anthony Pellicano case, where this was done to victims as a threat.

My sister is a brilliant student, who worked very hard in school, made great grades, graduated and is now privately living her life...and that human scum, Madonna, has her hacker sending me emails regarding her. How sick can one person get. Does that animal think she makes Hollywood look good engaging in something so depraved. Via commissioned criminal conduct, not only is Madonna flagrantly breaking U.S. Law, she is criminally violating Jamaican wiretap and hacking laws as well.   

These are the kind of mad people the FBI has running loose terrorizing and harassing innocent people that want nothing to do with them. However, as mentioned before, I have it on very good authority, from the same source I get many of my exclusives that Madonna paid a $1,000,000 bribe to the head of the FBI, Robert S. Mueller, to look the other way to the crimes she has been commissioning and committing against me and this is why she is still running wild with this madness, disgracing not only herself, her family and Hollywood, the FBI and DOJ as well. 

It is also not a good reflection on the Obama Administration, as the White House was sent a letter about this issue last year and routinely reads this website, according to site statistics, yet an innocent family is still being subjected to terrible human rights abuses. You lost my support and that of my websites regularly read by millions. No one with a conscience could look the other way to such a thing, especially when they are in a position to bring the crimes to a halt. I guess it's too much to ask that I not be criminally spied on, stalked, harassed, robbed of my copyrights and treated like a subhuman piece of meat with no human rights (sarcasm). 



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