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Mariah Carey's Comeback Attempt Being Trashed By Press And Social Networking

February 21. 2017

Mariah Carey's career choices keep getting worse...like this picture

After a dismal run of her poorly received reality show "Mariah's World" with ratings plummeting from 2,000,000 to 500,000, fallen pop singer, Mariah Carey, is licking her wounds and attempting another comeback. Carey, who reads this site, doesn't take advice from anyone, in something she became known for in the entertainment industry over the past 25-years.

This site warned against the reality show and touring, stating Carey was in no condition for any of it, but she forged ahead and into disaster. I can tell when a singer is in a bad place. It comes from years of seeing artists rise and fall. The same goes for athletes. Entertainers and athletes go through predictable changes.

Carey has not looked or sounded herself in years. When you get to that point, it is time for reassessment and changes. She doesn't see it that way and has paid the price for said view, via her legacy going up in smoke. The entertainment industry is a strange beast. It values talent and youth. One always goes - youth. However, it is not the norm for both youth and talent to go. Carey is experiencing that. It is not an easy place to be in, but that is her reality and one she is not facing.

The Sun Newspaper, owned by vile mogul, Rupert Murdoch, really let Carey have it this week, in the form of a scathing article entitled, "How Mariah Carey went from ruling the music world to being the biggest laughing stock in the industry." Ouch! And they have 5 million readers per day via the print edition and millions more online. Articles such as the aforementioned will reinforce the view that Carey is over as an artist. Well, she is if she doesn't change what she's doing. Her career is not unsalvageable. She just keeps making the wrong choices and it sticks due to the sycophants in her circle. 

The Sun newspaper column covers items the Judiciary Report already stated in past articles about Carey, but does so tactlessly. It's gonna be an ugly wake up call for Carey if she reads the Sun's assessment of her current self-induced woes. However, Carey is living in a "sweet, sweet fantasy" where reality does not apply...


From diva to disaster How Mariah Carey went from ruling the music world to being the biggest laughing stock in the industry

20th February 2017, 12:42 am - There have been lip-syncing disasters, almost daily wardrobe malfunctions and a car-crash engagement to a ­billionaire followed by a rebound romance with a toyboy staffer. THE once great diva Mariah Carey is now the biggest laughing stock in the ­entertainment industry. Lip-syncing disasters, almost daily wardrobe malfunctions, a car-crash engagement to a ­billionaire followed by a rebound romance with a toyboy staffer.

And all painfully documented by cameras for the most ill-advised ­reality show in showbiz history. Now the singer’s glittering career lies in tatters, with friends fearing it will take years for her reputation to recover . . . if it ever can. As a huge fan of the superstar singer who ruled the music industry in the 90s in the same way Adele does today, this is something I never wanted to see happen.

However, the decade’s biggest self-inflicted showbiz meltdown cannot be ignored. At the weekend, Mariah’s flimsy grasp on reality became evident again as she tried to justify her mortifying on-stage mishap in New York on New Year’s Eve. Despite the fact she was being broadcast live to millions, the 46-year-old halted her headline performance and in the process revealed that she was miming to pre-recorded vocals.

Her paranoid team claimed Mariah had been sabotaged, but the highly respected Dick Clark production ­company insisted she simply had not rehearsed properly. It seems Mariah still believes the “wreck of a New Year’s Eve” wasn’t at all her fault...



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