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FBI Director James Comey Meets With President Donald Trump And Receives A Hug Over His Hillary Clinton Congressional Letter (Video)

January 23. 2017

Comey's conduct regarding Trump is an example of self-seeking job security at its finest. Comey wanted to make sure he stayed at the FBI, placing no confidence in Clinton and siding with Trump.

FBI Director James Comey went to the White House and received a handshake and hug from newly elected President Donald Trump. Disgruntled Democrat politicians blame Comey for costing their party the election and Congress. Comey sensationally sent a letter to the U.S. Congress about a criminal probe into presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, 11 days before the November 8, 2016 national election, to select America's new president.

Clinton and her fellow Democrats in Washington have been slamming Comey and his letter, citing it and alleged Russian interference, as the reason she lost the election. Never mind the massive trail of corruption concerning Clinton taking bribes in the millions, stealing earthquake relief charity money in the billions and hiring private investigators to terrorize, threaten and abuse victims of crime who speak out against her husband.

Comey then closed the case again a couple days before the election, which was suspect, as the FBI had to sift through 650,000 new emails in a matter of days, when it previously took them a year to do half that amount. Nonetheless, Clinton irrationally claimed the damage was done and cost her the election.

Newspapers such as the Guardian newspaper in London stated the FBI is "Trumpland" as the agents were rooting for Trump to win the election. It will gall and infuriate Clinton to watch the video of Trump embracing Comey and treating him with deference, as she is of the belief they conspired against her in the election.


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