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FBI's Aged Osama Pic Discredited

Confirmed - The FBI Is Smoking Hashish

January 16. 2010

Two days ago, in the January 14, 2010 the article "FBI Releases Crazy Osama Pic" the Judiciary Report wrote:

"Exactly how much Hashish was the FBI illustrator smoking when he or she sketched a supposed aged photo of terrorist Osama Bin Laden. What were they thinking? That doesn't look like Osama. It looks like somebody's uncle. And did they give him Botox? I have to ask, does the FBI enjoy getting laughed at? Who okayed that mess."


Today, two days later, the FBI's photo has been discredited and withdrawn by the State Department. It turns out the Judiciary Report was right. The photo is actually a cut and paste job and the FBI illustrator grabbed a pic off the internet and didn't bother to check the identity of the person. 

The photo the weed-smoking FBI illustrator used is of, Gaspar Llamazares, who is...wait for it...a politician and Member of Parliament (MP) in Spain.

He called the FBI's intelligence "low level" due to this amateurish, dangerous publicity stunt gone wrong, that was designed to showcase how useful, technologically savvy and "cutting edge" the agency supposedly is, in order to distract from their role in Fort Hood, the Christmas Day attempted airline bombing in Detroit and the agency's other blaring failures. As you can see, Llamazares looks nothing like Bin Laden:


Bin Laden (left) the FBI's strange amalgamation (center) and Gaspar Llamazares (right)

The Judiciary Report 1,247,007 - The FBI -0. You know they hate me, right. Whatever! I'm not scared of the FBI. I'm only scared of realistic things, you know, like the Boogie Man (joking).

Seriously, the sensible, logical way to have gone about it is working with an actual photo of the real subject and adding greying to the hair and to the face, progressing it with wrinkles, slight jowls, a bit of crows feet, a mild wrinkling of the nose and things of that order, to create a projected image of what the person would look like as time passes.

But the FBI took the loco approach - they cut and pasted pictures together, infusing the subject's image with that of other people, which is criminally negligent and reckless in law enforcement, as it will have the public looking for and trying to kill the wrong person. All the signs are there that a crazy person is running the FBI.

It's very alarming that they took such a careless approach with something so serious. Yet, the FBI called it "cutting edge." What, did you do the cutting for the crazy photo at the edge of a desk.

The FBI + Photoshop =

I seem to remember, a point of contention in this lawsuit, sparked by an incident that transpired in late 2008, when an uncouth, ill-mannered Los Angeles FBI rep, Laura C. Eimiller, emailed then phone me, barking like the butch bulldog she is, about a photo on the Judiciary Report site. She stated it is of an FBI agent and "he's very angry with me" and "what kind of person" would run a photo without checking first...turns out that kind of person is you.

My comedic error garnered laughs on the internet. The FBI's dangerous error put a bounty on the head of a high ranking foreign politician, who now fears he maybe murdered with people thinking he is Bin Laden, due to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's sheer criminal negligence.   

I found the above posted photo I used in the 2008 article through Google Images. It was also used on another website that was ripping the FBI to shreds. I thought it was a stock photo, as there was no name or photo credit attached, which is standard with royalty free stock photos (it's like people who do genital herpes commercials - they pretty much know they are acting in a commercial that will expose their image and likeness to all sorts of articles).

Had I known it was a real agent, I would not have used it for the article. I couldn't imagine the photo was of an actual FBI agent. The guy looked so made up and over the top, with the blonde streaks in his hair, multiple guns, the walkie-talkie and Arnold-Schwartzenegger-Terminator look on his face, I thought it was an exaggeration for emphasis, as is routinely done in stock photos.  After all, I'd met and seen FBI agents and none of them were made up like that. 

In short, the FBI are a bunch of hypocrites, to threateningly phone me, a victim of crime, screaming like a raving lunatic at said victim, over something that was a genuine mix up. They called and threatened me over a photo, yet in Court they've refused to give the above-posted agent's name. That's pretty cowardly.

I'd also asked her for a photo of the agent that did get arrested, to switch out the photos in the Judiciary Report article she was complaining about, she started hesitating during the 2008 call, then refused to provide a picture of him. She was more intent on issuing veiled threats and screaming at me, not resolving the issue. So, I hung up.

However, I do believe the real anger and what was truly behind that incident in the FBI contacting me, came from my article on the Los Angeles FBI's hypocrisy in locking up a blogger for uploading Guns N' Roses "Chinese Democracy" CD, prior to its release, while letting dirty stars like Madonna and her contingent, commit serious felonies, criminally ripping off a fortune in copyrights, for undue enrichment, that were meant to go towards producing cures to Cancer and AIDS. 

Disease sufferers are the ones that have a right to be angry, not some incompetent, ignorant, racist, bone idle, corrupt, criminally negligent law enforcement agency, headed up by a Neo-Nazi, Robert S. Mueller, who've gotten more people killed than any other in history.

Osama bin Laden a member of Spain’s parliament? Embarrassed, FBI says no

Saturday, January 16th, 2010 -- 5:13 pm - The US Federal Bureau of Intelligence is red-faced after being caught using a photo of a member of Spain's parliament to create images of what the world's most wanted terrorist might look like after years of seclusion.

Two images of what an FBI forensic artist thinks bin Laden might look like today were featured on the US Web site Rewards for Justice for several hours. However, both images were based on a photo of Spanish MP Gaspar Llamazares, who was decidedly unhappy with the move.

The FBI's last photo of bin Laden is from 1998, according to media reports.

"I was surprised and angered because it's the most shameless use of a real person to make up the image of a terrorist," Llamazares said at a press conference, according to the BBC. "It's almost like out of a comedy if it didn't deal with matters as serious as bin Laden and citizens' security."


FBI admits Spanish politican was model for 'high-tech' Osama bin Laden photo-fit

The FBI has admitted using a photograph of a bearded Spanish politician as the basis for a mocked-up photofit image showing how Osama Bin Laden might look now.

Published: 3:24PM GMT 16 Jan 2010 - Gaspar Llamazares: FBI admits Spanish politician was model for 'high-tech'

Gaspar Llamazares: The digitally altered image of an older and greying Bin Laden was meant to show how the world's most wanted terrorist might now look without his trademark turban and long beard.

The US state department was forced to withdraw the mocked up photo-image, circulated around the world last week, after the discovery that it was not quite as technically sophisticated as the FBI had originally claimed.

The digitally altered image of an older and greying Bin Laden was meant to show how the world's most wanted terrorist might now look without his trademark turban and long beard. It was released in a renewed effort to locate him, more than eight years after the September 11 attack which he ordered and directed.

But it created an unexpected stir in Madrid when a Spanish MP recognised strong elements of himself in the image and complained to the US.

Gaspar Llamazares, 52, a member of Spain's communist party and the former leader of the United Left coalition in parliament, said his forehead, hair and jaw-line had been "cut and pasted" from an old campaign photograph.

The FBI claimed to have used "cutting edge" technology to reproduce new images of 18 of the most wanted terrorist suspects for the State Department's Rewards for Justice website.

But yesterday Ken Hoffman, a spokesman the FBI, admitted that a technician "was not satisfied" with the hair features offered by the FBI's software programme and instead used part of a photo of Mr Llamazares, found on the internet. "The technican had no idea whose image he had found and no dark motive for using it," he said.

Mr Llamazares said the mistake showed the "low level" of US intelligence services. It could cause problems for any individual mistakenly seen to resemble the wanted terrorist, he said. "Bin Laden's safety is not threatened by this but mine certainly is."


Oops! FBI Used Google Pic of Spanish Guy for Bin Laden Wanted Poster

January 16, 2010 - (ChattahBox)— Oh, man! This is really embarrassing. This week, the State Department released new digitally updated photos of al-Qaida leader and 9/11 plotter, Osama bin Laden. The picture on file of the terrorist fugitive was nearly a decade old.

So, FBI technicians were tasked with aging bin Laden’s image using high-tech computer software. Two new updated photos were produced and recently posted on the U.S. Department of State’s Rewards for Justice Web site. One photo depicted bin Laden with a trimmed beard and close cropped hair and another showed him sporting a graying long bead. Well, a Spanish lawmaker noticed something familiar about the photo of bin Laden with short hair. It was him!

Gaspar Llamazares 52, of Madrid noticed that his forehead, hair and jaw-line had been used from an old campaign photograph available on Google images. The FBI admitted that a technician had used parts of Llamazares’ photo to make Osama bin Laden’s cropped hair look more realistic in the enhanced photo.

Ken Hoffman, a spokesman for the FBI, said “The technician had no idea whose image he had found and no dark motive for using it.”

Llamazares says that he is now fearful that he may be mistaken for the dangerous terrorist. “Bin Laden’s safety is not threatened by this but mine certainly is,” said Llamazares...


FBI admits Photofit of Osama Bin Laden had Spanish features

January 17, 2010 - A MOCKED-UP image of how Osama Bin Laden may look today has been withdrawn by the US State Department after the FBI admitted it was partly based on a photograph of a Spanish MP taken from the internet.

The Photofit image of an older, greying Al-Qaeda leader bore a striking resemblance to the left-wing politician Gaspar Llamazares, a member of Spain’s Communist party and a critic of the US “war on terror”. It turned out Llamazares’s grey hair, jaw line and forehead had been simply cut and pasted from an old campaign photograph by an FBI technician.

The FBI originally claimed it used “cutting edge” technology to come up with new images of terrorist suspects for the State Department’s Rewards for Justice website.

However, Ken Hoffman, an FBI spokesman, admitted yesterday that the agency had used a picture of Llamazares taken from Google Images to update the Photofit.

He told the Spanish newspaper El Mundo: “The forensic artist was unable to find suitable features among the reference photographs and obtained those features, in part, from a photograph he found on the internet.”

The US government had previously been using a 1998 photo of Bin Laden, including on a wanted poster that offered a reward of up to $25m (now worth £15m) for information leading to his capture or killing.

Llamazares, former leader of the United Left party, was elected to Spain’s parliament in 2000. He said he would no longer feel safe travelling to the United States. “I was surprised and angered because it’s the most shameless use of a real person to make up the image of a terrorist,” he said...  




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