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The FBI And Racism

August 5. 2009

There have been a number of lawsuits filed against the FBI, stemming from racial incidents, perpetrated by the Bureau. Agents often use horrible racial slurs and sexist speak against innocent people, deeming it their duty to behave like uncouth meatheads raised on a KKK ranch.

While all FBI agents are not racists, some of them are nice and decent, quite a few are hateful towards non-white males and it has tainted the agency's name among minorities and immigrants. Blacks, Muslims, Hispanics and immigrants have faced horrible discrimination at the FBI's hands. Let's not forget, this is the law enforcement agency that murdered the great Martin Luther King Jr. for being an outspoken black man that dared to state and believe all men are equal.

Women have also been treated deplorably by the FBI, as though they are inferior, facing numerous incidents of sexual abuse, harassment and discrimination. Some racial incidents transpire against FBI agents by other FBI agents, such as the New York field office of the FBI, who routinely subjugated black and Hispanic agents to racial slurs and nasty stereotypes.

This resulted in a lawsuit against the FBI, filed by minority agents in the New York office, who could no longer tolerate the hostile, hateful, racist work environment. More accusations have been made against the FBI in this vein, this time, it is anti-Semitism. FBI agents handling a Pentagon employee, Larry Franklin, routinely asked him to identify Jewish people in said government office and questioned him as to how he could consort with them. That is vile. The FBI has declined comment. Oh, I wonder why, could it be the accusations are true.

If you are an agent in the FBI and this is your racist, sexist attitude, you need to get out of the Bureau and go join the Klan, until they get raided, that is, for inevitably doing something they are not supposed to do. God made us all equal and if you value your eternal soul, you would do well to believe and practice that universal law.


Franklin: Some FBI agents anti-Semitic

August 3, 2009 - WASHINGTON (JTA) -- The former Pentagon official at the center of the classified information case involving AIPAC staffers accused some FBI agents of displaying anti-Semitism. Larry Franklin, an Iran analyst in 2004 when he helped the FBI set up a sting targeting Keith Weissman, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee's former Iran analyst, and Steve Rosen, its former former policy chief, said some of his FBI handlers at times appeared to be motivated by hostility to Jews.

"One agent said to me, 'How can an Irish Catholic from the Bronx get mixed up with all these ...' and I finished the sentence for him: 'Jews?' " Franklin said in an interview published July 31 by the Washington Times.

The FBI, which had caught Franklin removing classified information from the Pentagon to his West Virginia home and revealing classified information, co-opted him in its attempt to build a case against the lobbyists. Franklin wore a wire to lure Weissman and Rosen into the FBI sting.

Franklin told the Washington Times not all agents dealing with him were were anti-Semitic, but some asked him to identify Jews in the Pentagon. The FBI declined comment. The government charged Rosen and Weissman with dealing in classified information in 2005 and also charged Franklin, despite his cooperation. He pleaded guilty.

This year, the government dropped its case against Rosen and Weissman. The federal judge in the case, T.S. Ellis III, reduced Franklinís sentence from nearly 13 years to probation.



FBI Sued By Former Agent For Racism

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