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Barack Obama Runs The Risk Of Being Run Out Of Town By President Donald Trump

March 14. 2017

Valerie Jarrett and Barack Obama

From the shadows of the White House in Washington, in a rented mansion down the street, former President, Barack Obama and political advisor, Valerie Jarrett, have been trying to overthrow his successor, duly elected President Donald Trump, which constitutes a series of federal offenses. U.S. law does not state the public must agree with everything a president does, but is expressly clear that attempting to overthrow a commander-in-chief, is a criminal offense.

Obama has set up a full office in the rented home in Kalorama, a suburb of Washington, right down the street from the White House. Obama's rent mansion contains an office comparable to that of the Oval Office in the White House. Contractors, electricians, technicians and engineers were brought in to complete the office in the rent house.

Presidents usually leave Washington after their presidency expires. It is a symbolic acknowledgement that there is a newly elected president in town. Jimmy Carter went back to Georgia. Ronald Reagan went back to California. Bill Clinton went to New York. George W. Bush went back to Texas. Obama, well, he went a couple minutes down the street from the White House, after doing a strange interview claiming he was being "forced out" despite the fact he served the maximum two terms in office.

Since then, Obama's former Attorney General, Eric Holder, strangely announced that Obama is coming back, in a cryptic message that made its way into the press and on social networking. Not to mention, the Trump administration has been hit with all sorts of damaging leaks by members of the Obama administration still in office.

Some of you are drinking crazy juice. If you manage to topple Trump, guess what, Mike Pence would be the new President of the United States. If you manage to topple Mike Pence, guess what, another staunch Republican, House Speaker, Paul Ryan, would be president. My point. Let it go. Honor the vote and let the country move on from the Obama presidency, as it will one day move on from the Trump presidency and so on and so on.

Obama is not coming back, neither is Bush II, Clinton, Bush I or Carter...not to mention, Reagan really isn't coming back to office...and if by some strange occurrence Reagan does come back to the White House, my words of advice to all the occupants is run out of the building as fast as you can, cut in front of children and the elderly in the exit line out of the White House and run (LOL). For those of you not up to speed on your history, former President Reagan is dead.

If Obama, continues to meddle in the presidency of his newly elected successor, Donald Trump, via leaks and acts of sabotage using stalwarts still in government posts, he, his wife Michelle Obama and political advisor Valerie Jarrett, run the risk of being run out of town by the Trump administration, who can engage in the same disgraceful, unethical tactics the former president's administration (Obama) used to have done to political rivals and outspoken critics, while he was in office.

Through the CIA and FBI, Obama would have the electricity and internet services to rival's homes and offices repeatedly interrupted on a regular basis. Homes were also illegally sabotaged when rivals were out for the day, in acts witnessed by neighbors (roof, plumbing ect). Trump can also do what Obama did to innocent political rivals and outspoken critics, in ordering the FBI and CIA to follow the Obamas and Jarrett at every turn, making their presence known in an intimidating and harassing manner.

It was all a grand waste of taxpayer money when egotistical Obama had these things done to innocent rivals, but it would be poetic justice if he was on the receiving end of the same government abuse he illegally had dished out to others, while he served as the most petty, invasive, vindictive, megalomaniac president America ever had in office.


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