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15-Year-Old Girl Commits Suicide After Boyfriend Unconscionably Leaked Nude Video Of Her To The Internet

June 10. 2016

Tovonna Holton

15-year-old Florida minor, Tovonna Holton, tragically committed suicide, via a bullet to the head, after her ex-boyfriend despicably leaked a nude video of her in the shower to the internet via his SnapChat and Twitter accounts. That alone was traumatic enough for the teen, as it was a very evil thing to do to her. However, shortly after, a wave of cyber bulling ensued by heartless classmates. Tovonna took her life this past Sunday as a result of the nude video leak and cyber bulling. Tovonna's mother, Levon Holton-Teamer, found her daughter in the bathroom with the lights off. She state she saw "a pool of blood" and tried to stop the bleeding coming from the wound in her child's head.

Tovonna's ex-boyfriend and her classmates who were cyber bullying her should face criminal charges. Her ex-boyfriend uploaded what is considered "child porn" to the internet, which is a federal crime. Her classmates viewed the child porn which is also a federal crime. Her classmates also engaged in cyber bullying which is a state crime. The records regarding this matter needs to be subpoenaed from Snap Chat and Twitter and the offenders prosecuted for what was done to this child.

Tovonna's mother Levon Holton-Teamer

Some people are really heartless. Terrible examples are being set for impressionable audiences. They are taking cues from privacy invading, trashbag rappers like 50 Cent, who unconscionably uploaded a private sex tape of a rival's ex-girlfriend to the internet, without her permission. The victim, who is mother to a small child, became suicidal when she realized what the Bugs Bunny look-alike rapper had done.

Stars like trashbag Rihanna, who state things like "if you don't send your boyfriend naked pictures, I feel sorry for him" also need to bear some responsibility for their words, as it sets a bad example for impressionable girls. Why does the world need to know you are sending nudes to someone. Then a little underage girl emulates that example, unintentionally putting herself at risk. One of my friends got the shock of her life when she discovered her underage daughter had sent topless pics to a boyfriend that requested them. Underage girls wanting to be liked/popular via doing what they read and hear celebrities stating, but not realizing they are being taken advantage of, make choices that are sometimes not the best.   


Nude Snapchat Leaked by Boyfriend Drove Teen Girl to Suicide, Friend Says

06.09.16 4:05 PM ET - Tovonna Holton’s ex was angry about a breakup when he allegedly took an innocent video and turned it into revenge porn. A 15-year-old Florida girl committed suicide after friends allegedly recorded her in the shower, then posted the video on Snapchat. Tampa mom Levon Holton-Teamer told WFLA that her daughter, Tovonna, was upset about the bullying before she killed herself Sunday.

Now, according to one friend, Tovonna’s ex-boyfriend got hold of the nude recording and posted it on Twitter after they broke up. The couple had been fighting the night before Tovonna died, longtime pal Christian Coyle-Watts told The Daily Beast, and broke up Sunday morning. “Tovonna knew [her friend] posted the video, but Tovonna’s boyfriend posted it, trying to expose her in a derogatory way,” Coyle-Watts said. “He did it just because he knew he could, and it would hurt her feelings.”

“They say her friends recorded her in the tub while she was naked and then posted it on Snapchat,” Stefonique Collier, Tovonna’s niece, told The Daily Beast. Relatives would later learn a close friend allegedly published the nude images—shared with dozens of classmates—without Tovonna’s permission, the mother said...”



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