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Revenge Porn Site Founder Hunter Moore Pleads Guilty And Is Facing Several Years In Prison In What Should Serve As A Warning To Privacy Invaders

April 29. 2015


Hunter Moore

Revenge porn website founder, Hunter Moore, 29, recently pled guilty to charges of stealing nude photos, hacking and identity theft. He ran a disgraceful website "Is Anyone Up" that enabled people to viciously and vengefully submit pornographic pictures and or videos of people they know out of spite, without the victims consent. Moore also paid a hacker to hack into people's email accounts and steal private nude photos to post on his website.

The site caused many innocent people distress, mental anguish and depression. Moore is facing several years in prison for his crimes. The FBI arrested Moore on hacking and identity theft charges, regarding stealing nude photos via hacking. He pled guilty to the charges. The FBI is currently prosecuting Moore's 26-year-old hacker, Chris Evens, in an indictment stating he broke into hundreds of email accounts to steal items.

Revenge porn operators have been testing the boundaries of the law in a cruel game of humiliating innocent people, via vengefully posting private, pornographic photos and or videos of individuals online. These items are often submitted by bitter former partners. Some photos and videos are secretly taken by depraved voyeurs without the subject's knowledge or consent, which is sick.

The Judiciary Report has repeatedly stated there should be strong federal and international laws barring individuals from secretly filming and or uploading pornographic items of others to the internet without their consent. Serious penalties, both financial and prison time, need to be enacted for offenders. They should also be required to register as sex offenders, as these are perverted crimes. Revenge porn is a vile crime that violates victims in a particularly sick way. Some victims of revenge porn have killed themselves, which is regrettable and not the answer to their problems.


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