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FBI Sued By Former Agent For Racism

May 15. 2009

FBI Headquarters

I have maintained for well over a year that the FBI headed by neo-Nazi, Robert S. Mueller, is a cesspool of racism and hatred for all things black, foreigner and or Muslim. They haven't changed since the Civil Rights movement, with many attributing the cold blooded, vicious murder of Martin Luther King jr to the privacy and human rights violating agency known as the FBI.

A former agent sued them in 1990, settled the case and has reopened it, stating retribution against him continues by FBI employees. I don't doubt they treated him badly, because he is black. I was previously informed by a reliable source that Robert S. Mueller, who reads this website regularly according to site stats and had received a formal complaint from me in 2005 regarding this case, referred to me as, "The foreign nig*er."

Hence, me having no qualms about outing him on his scurrilous, treacherous misconduct, such as the Patriot Act abuses story I was the first to break in December of 2006 that was later confirmed in March 2007. The bad part is, I went in their with a positive attitude in how I approached this situation, politely stating the facts regarding the stolen copyrights and human rights abuses (I have copies of the letter to Mueller and the updates to the Miami FBI). However, they took the nasty, treacherous approach, duplicating misconduct that has earned the agency the awful name it has in the nation and the world, due to other cases (click here for other FBI cases).

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

I am also disgusted by the willfully, criminally negligent manner in which Mueller ordered the Miami FBI to drag their feet on the case, telling me three times they are investigating, to keep me at bay, to allow scum in Hollywood, to criminally use my Copyrighted Catalog without permission. How unconstitutional and un-American. Your conduct is disgraceful...not to mention felonious.

Furthermore, people aren't stupid. Everyone that has observed your conduct in the case, knows you are trying to pull a fast one, in the willful robbery of a black immigrant and you've done it to the disgrace of the United States government, to the millions of people around the world that have read about this case on this site and many others. Do you know how many people have said to me that you are being corrupt and crooked (which I already realized).

Your names are gone and your families are going to disown you when the full truth comes out regarding this misconduct you've committed in conjunction with Hollywood and your part in trying to delay my patents in collusion with parties in said entertainment industry. By the grace of God, you're not getting away with anything.


Ex-Agent Accuses FBI Of Retaliation Over Race Suit

Morning Edition, May 13, 2009 A former FBI agent at the center of one of the biggest discrimination cases in the agency's history has filed a new lawsuit, in which he says the FBI continues to exact retribution for a case he settled back in 1990. Donald Rochon was 37 years old when he filed his landmark discrimination suit against the FBI. Rochon, who is black, was a young agent in Omaha, Neb., when some troubling things started to happen. In one incident, Rochon returned to his desk to find that someone had put a picture of monkey over his son's face in a family photograph.

Another episode took place shortly after Rochon learned to scuba dive. "Their ideology [was that] blacks couldn't swim," he says. "And they put up a photograph of me and another black person swimming in a garbage dump." The situation escalated when Rochon and some of his tormentors were transferred to Chicago. He started getting death threats. In one instance, white agents said they would cut off his genitals. Then, about a week later, a death and dismemberment insurance policy appeared on Rochon's desk.

"That was traced back to an FBI agent," he says. The agent forged Rochon's signature on the policy. The FBI supervisor said it was harmless fun and wrote the incidents off as pranks. In separate investigations, the Justice Department and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission saw it differently. They found that Rochon was humiliated by agents because he was black. The former special agent in charge of the Omaha office told the EEOC that he considered the pranks to be "healthy" and a sign of "esprit de corps." He said he was aware of Rochon's racial harassment complaints, but he didn't take any formal action...




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