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Tech Millionaire Arrested And Jailed For 3-Years For Spying On Neighbor In Their Home Via Hidden Camera He Planted In Bedroom

March 14. 2017

Michael Derek Roberts

Millionaire tech CEO, Michael Derek Roberts, of Atlanta, Georgia in America has been sentenced to 3-years in jail for spying on his neighbors in their home, via a hidden camera he secretly hid in their closet. Roberts, who owns the company Activ Technologies, began secretly filming all the activity taking place in the couple's bedroom, via remote means, using the hidden camera.

His neighbor found the hidden camera in her bedroom and called police. Roberts was then arrested. While on bail, Roberts violated the restraining order his neighbor obtained, in approaching and trying to talk to her. Roberts was tried and imprisoned for voyeurism and violating the restraining order.

I don't know why anyone would do something so sick and perverted to another person. Voyeurism is a crime associated with sex offenders. It is a sick form of mental illness to secretly watch people in their homes and hotel rooms. People who secretly spy on others in their homes and hotel rooms should not be free to roam in society. They have serious mental problems to think violating others privacy in this sick manner is acceptable behavior.


Tech CEO gets three years jail and banishment from town for hiding a camera in his neighbor's house and filming himself nude in her bedroom

Published: 17:23 EST, 6 March 2017 | Updated: 17:30 EST, 6 March 2017 - Michael Derek Roberts, 58, pleaded guilty last week in Cobb County, Georgia to breaking into his neighbor's home and secretly placing a camera in her bedroom. Michael Derek Roberts, 58, pleaded guilty last week in Cobb County, Georgia to breaking into his neighbor's home and secretly placing a camera in her bedroom.

A tech CEO in the Atlanta suburbs is heading to jail for making deviant films inside his long-time neighbor's house. Michael Derek Roberts, 58, pleaded guilty last week in Cobb County, Georgia to breaking into his neighbor of 12 years' home and secretly placing a camera in her bedroom. Roberts was sentenced to three years in jail, followed by 12 years of probation, during which he'll be banished from Cobb County, his longtime home in the affluent suburbs north of Atlanta.

Roberts had been close with his neighbors of over a decade, watching their pets when the family was out of town, and even knew the code to their garage door. The Georgia man was the CEO of Activ Technologies, a supply-chain software firm with nearly $2 million in venture capital backing, according to state and federal records.

Secretly, though, Roberts would wait until his neighbors were out of town and sneak into their home, where he'd film himself nude in the master bedroom and closet, and sniff women's panties, prosecutors claimed in court, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

But the twisted neighbor went even further last spring, say prosecutors, when he sneaked into his neighbors' empty home and planted a camera in the master bedroom. The female neighbor found the camera though, took it out of the bedroom and left it on the kitchen counter before leaving the house, perhaps thinking it was a prank by her husband.

Likely seeing that his hidden camera had been discovered on the live feed, Roberts panicked. He texted the woman, claiming he'd been testing the camera in her home because his wi-fi didn't work.  Claiming the camera hadn't worked, he dashed next door to retrieve it before the neighbor could return. Her suspicions were raised though, and she called police, who likewise didn't buy Roberts' story...



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