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Madonna Illegally Borrowing Money From Banks To Fund Kabbalah Center Cult's Criminal Invasion Of Privacy

February 15. 2017

Gollum, Yoda looking gnome Madonna

Washed up pop singer Madonna has been borrowing money from banks to fund her illegal Kabbalah Center cult activities, such as criminal invasion of privacy. As stated previously on the site and in legal papers, I went to the FBI about Madonna and her cult's invasive, perverted private investigator, Anthony Pellicano and they obtained a criminal conviction of the violent thug 4-months later.

Pellicano, who is now in prison, is so sick and depraved, he even targeted people's underage children, sending their parents death threats in bids at extortion and blackmail on behalf of lunatic Hollywood stars like Madonna. The criminal case brought by the government exposed the fact Pellicano criminally hired thugs to terrorize and assault people he spied on for celebrities in Hollywood, illegally had 4 hackers on staff at his West Hollywood office and unlawfully bribed employees of telephone and internet companies, to  facilitate the perverse, invasive, illegal spying on behalf of dirty stars, who get off on secretly spying on people.

Madonna and the Kabbalah cult continue to use private investigators to spy on people, having switched to others since the time of Pellicano's incarceration. Madonna has since been sued for engaging in unlawful conduct with private investigator Gavin DeBecker, against an innocent man the old insane madwoman began targeting.

Madonna's misconduct using several private investigators includes commissioned, criminal wiretapping, computer, email and webcam hacking, GPS tracking, stalking and breaking an entry to homes and offices, among other things. Deranged, untalented Madonna has run up quite a tab commissioning this sick, perverted illegal behavior in America and Britain, among other places. It runs over $100,000 per person and there are expensive computer/data storage costs for private computer servers to spool/hold all the illegally obtained items. 

It is a massive crime to borrow money from banks for criminal activity, especially federal and international offenses of the aforementioned nature. In deceitfully borrowing money to engage in criminal activity, Madonna has committed bank, wire fraud and federal R.I.C.O. violations (racketeering). Madonna has also criminally violated wiretapping and voyeurism laws in America and Britain, among other places, with this commissioned criminal misconduct. These criminal acts constitute a laundry list of felonies. The seriousness of these crimes are multiplied, when Madonna's commissioned invasion of privacy targets homes of people with minor children present.

As stated previously on the site, Madonna's Kabbalah Center maintains a private, password protected website where commissioned hackers upload hacked computer documents and emails, phone hacking data, hacked financial data, GPS data and secretly hacked webcam video feeds, illegally snatched from people's private computers in their homes, business and hotel rooms. Degenerate old Madonna and other disgusting members of the Kabbalah cult log-in to secretly watch people in their homes, who are being targeted by the cult. What kind of nastiness is that. Leave it to Hollywood to do something so sick.

I don't know what's her problem. That deranged old lunatic (and others in her demonic cult) spy on people in very sick, insidious ways and she deserves to be publicly called out, humiliated and embarrassed for it. All of them will be further publicly exposed for this sick conduct. Madonna clearly has serious mental problems. What kind of nasty, perverted, hard up, dirty old madwoman sits around secretly watching hacked webcam footage, illegally and surreptitiously taken in criminal violation of the law.

Compounding Madonna's disgusting behavior is the fact that she and or her deranged Kabbalah Center minions to throw it in people's faces that they are secretly spying on them in their homes. Madonna and company have been arrogant enough to call and email industry people to let it be known they know what they are privately saying and doing in their homes. Foul, nasty old madwoman. 

A songwriter mixed up in Madonna's nasty behavior once telephoned me to let me know they have been illegally watching me in my home, even telling me what I was doing at the very moment he called. Madonna's disgusting hacker has also emailed me telling me what's going on in my home.

While I don't do anything inappropriate in my home, no one has any business violating my privacy or anyone else's for that matter. The perverted, disgusting pieces of trash in the Kabbalah cult, such as Madonna, are a disgrace and embarrassment to everyone they are affiliated with. They are completely sick to be doing such things.

How did Madonna's parents manage to raise such a piece of human garbage. Nasty old piece of trash. She's a perverted old sex offender and one who should not have been allowed to adopt children. Any nasty piece of trash who is that disgusting and hard up that they are sitting around secretly watching hacked webcam feeds she pays hackers to intercept, is a disgusting, evil, vile, pathetic excuse of a human being, who should be locked away under a prison. What kind of lows have these scumbags been allowed to drag America to, violating so many privacy and human rights laws, it is astonishing.

In one case, Madonna blackmailed a famous athlete using hacked webcam data and illegal wiretapping. She wanted him to join the cult and publicly promote Kabbalah and her to his vast audience, but he initially refused, labeling them loons. He also refused to donate any money to the Kabbalah cult, which ticked Madonna off. Madonna has gone around demanding donations from the likes of people such as Mick Jagger, Jerry Hall, Diane Von Furstenberg, Alex Rodriguez, David Beckham and many others, for a Kabbalah fund that has topped over $125,000,000 and been subject to acts of theft and misappropriation by Madonna and the Berg family, who co-run the cult, to fund their lavish lifestyles.

Enraged at his rejection of her, Madonna had the athlete's computer hacked and blackmailed him with secretly recorded webcam data they intercepted. His computer was on in the room while he was having sex and Madonna's hacker hacked his webcam and recorded the whole thing. The webcam data is of the athlete saying and doing things in his home he did not want made public in the form of what Madonna and her Kabbalah cult threatened to dub "a leaked sex tape." Only it is not a sex tape. It is a group of nasty, perverted, ugly degenerates secretly spying on people in their homes and trying to turn it into a sex tape. They deserve to go to prison for it. 

This perverted form of spying has become a problem. Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, among others, have taped over the webcam and microphones of their laptops, due to dirty, perverted crazies like Madonna, hacking to illegally and secretly spy on people in their homes, offices and hotel rooms. Not to mention, the illegal wiretapping and computer hacking of entertainers, athletes and wealthy business people, that Madonna continues to criminally commission, is being used to extort and blackmail others into publicly joining and financially supporting her sick cult.

Miss Teen USA, Cassidy Wolf, was also the subject of webcam hacking. Her perverse neighbor was watching her in her home in various states of undress, including naked, by secretly hacking her webcam and watching her without her knowledge or permission.

Former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden revealed, the FBI and NSA use computer trojans to takeover computer webcams and microphones to spy on people in their homes and offices (for further reference, see the New York Times article posted below under the "related reading" section). FBI and NSA employees have used this to illegally spy on innocent people, including those they are attracted to, which is sick. The Obama Administration, namely former President Barack Obama and his Attorney General, Eric Holder, perversely spied on people in their homes via these methods and used the illegal surveillance for political and private purposes. None of this behavior has been legal.

Prior to Snowden coming forward with this information and data to back up his claims, I repeatedly stated online that the government has been engaging in this invasive, perverse spying that criminally violates the Constitution (NSA Admits Employees Illegally Spied On Love Interests And Significant Others Confirming Site’s Previous Claims and NSA Workers Admit To Reading The Emails And Listening To The Calls Of Americans In Violation Of The Law).

The U.S. Congress has massively failed that this nastiness has been going on in America, victimizing innocent people not just in the States, but in other nations the aforementioned degenerates target. The legislature has seriously dropped the ball and innocent people have paid a price for it.


Mark Zuckerberg Covers His Laptop Camera. You Should Consider It, Too.

JUNE 22, 2016 - Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most powerful men in the world because billions of people give Facebook, which he founded, free access to their personal data. In return, users receive carefully curated snapshots of his life: baby photos, mundane office tours and the occasional 5K.

On Tuesday, observers were reminded that Mr. Zuckerberg, 32, is not just a normal guy who enjoys running and quiet dinners with friends. In a photo posted to his Facebook account, he celebrated the growing user base of Instagram, which is owned by Facebook. An eagle-eyed Twitter user named Chris Olson noticed that in the image’s background, his laptop camera and microphone jack appeared to be covered with tape.

Other publications, including Gizmodo, used the tweet to raise the question: Was this paranoia, or just good practice? The taped-over camera and microphone jack are usually a signal that someone is concerned, perhaps only vaguely, about hackers’ gaining access to his or her devices by using remote-access trojans — a process called “ratting.” (Remote access is not limited to ratters: According to a cache of National Security Agency documents leaked by Edward J. Snowden, at least two government-designed programs were devised to take over computer cameras and microphones.)

Security experts supported the taping, for a few good reasons:

• The first is that Mr. Zuckerberg is a high-value target.

“I think Zuckerberg is sensible to take these precautions,” Graham Cluley, an online security expert and consultant, wrote in an email Wednesday. “As well as intelligence agencies and conventional online criminals who might be interested in targeting his billions, there are no doubt plenty of mischievous hackers who would find it amusing to spy upon such a high-profile figure.”

• The second is that covering photo, video and audio portals has long been a basic and cheap security safeguard.

“Covering the camera is a very common security measure,” Lysa Myers, a security researcher at the data security firm ESET, said in an email. “If you were to walk around a security conference, you would have an easier time counting devices that don’t have something over the camera.”

• Third, Mr. Zuckerberg is not immune to security breaches.

A recent hacking of his Twitter and LinkedIn accounts shows that he most likely committed two basic privacy faux pas: He may have used the same password across several websites and did not use two-factor authentication.

Judging from his photo, however, it appears that Mr. Zuckerberg was taking simple precautions to protect himself from anyone who may try to gain remote access. The practice is fairly technologically simple: Hackers trick people into clicking on links or unfamiliar websites containing malware that allows them access to the devices.

Mr. Zuckerberg is not the only high-profile case: James Comey, the director of the F.B.I., told students at Kenyon College in April that he also puts tape over his computer’s webcam, for surprisingly simple reasons, according to NPR:

“I saw something in the news, so I copied it,” Mr. Comey said. “I put a piece of tape — I have obviously a laptop, personal laptop — I put a piece of tape over the camera. Because I saw somebody smarter than I am had a piece of tape over their camera.”

People who are not billionaires or high-ranking government officials are not without risk, said Stephen Cobb, a senior security researcher at ESET.

“For people who are not C.E.O.s, the threat is people scanning the internet for accessible webcams for a range of motives, from voyeurism to extortion,” Mr. Cobb wrote in an email.

Experts don’t have a good estimate for how often such attacks occur, but according to a 2015 report released by the nonprofit Digital Citizens Alliance, the practice is a growing problem for consumers, especially young women. The report also said that trojans account for some 70 percent of all malware.

“They’ve been one of the most popular types of malware on every operating system, for quite a long time,” Ms. Myers, of ESET, said. “The best ways to protect against them are to update all your software on your machine regularly, and use reputable security software, including anti-malware and a firewall.”


Miss Teen USA: Screamed upon learning she was 'sextortion' victim

Updated 9:39 AM ET, Sat September 28, 2013 - "I started screaming," Miss Teen USA tells CNN. Cassidy Wolf recognizes her alleged tormenter as a former high school classmate. Jared James Abrahams is accused of hijacking webcams of young women. He allegedly made demands of them, threatening to release nude photos.

The college student accused of hijacking the webcam of Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf and other young women is a former high school classmate of the pageant winner.
Jared James Abrahams, 19, was arrested Thursday for allegedly taking nude images of the women using their own webcams, and then blackmailing them to send more explicit material.

Wolf told CNN on Friday that she had no personal connection with Abrahams while they were in high school in Temecula, California. "When I heard his name it didn't click right away what he looked like," she said. "His name is familiar. When I looked at his yearbook picture, I recalled moments when I saw him in the hallways."

The suspect is accused of taking nude pictures of Wolf while she changed clothes or walked into her room after a shower. Wolf, 19, said her computer apparently was hacked months before receiving the first threatening e-mail on March 21. At the time, she did not have her current pageant crown and was attending a college in Costa Mesa and lived in an apartment.

"When I got the first e-mail, I read the first three lines and I quickly scrolled through it and saw it was a long e-mail," she said. "Two photos of me were attached. I literally threw my phone across the room and started screaming. It did not feel real, it was like a horror movie." Wolf said she believes the images were taken while she was in high school.

A threat to Wolf allegedly read, "Either you do one of the things listed below or I upload these pics and a lot more (I have a LOT more and those are better quality) on all your accounts for everybody to see and your dream of being a model will be transformed into a pornstar" (sic). Fears about such hacking are not misplaced.

Last month, it was reported that some high-end televisions with built-in cameras could be turned on without the viewers knowing. Security cameras, lights, heating control systems and even door locks and windows are now increasingly coming with features that allow users to control them remotely. Without proper security controls, there's little to stop hackers from invading users' privacy, stealing personal information or spying on people.

FTC cracks down on hacked video camera maker. Abrahams is a computer science student. His arrest came six months after Wolf alerted authorities to the "sextortion" scheme. Authorities executed a search warrant at Abrahams' home on June 4, at which time he "voluntarily agreed to speak" with a pair of FBI agents. Describing himself in that interview as a college freshman who was good with computers, a criminal complaint said, he admitted using malware and his expertise to "watch his victims change their clothes and ... use the photographs against them."

When he admitted what he'd done, Abrahams said he had 30 to 40 "slave computers" -- or other people's electronic devices he controlled -- and has had as many as 150 total, according to the complaint. Investigators also linked him to at least eight other young women, some of them, like Wolf, from Southern California. Others were from as far away as Moldova.

Wolf said she became aware of the hack after she got a Facebook alert that someone had tried to change her password. She then noticed other social media accounts were not "acting the same." The pageant contestant, now attending school in New York, replied to a couple of e-mails that day in March. "I asked him, 'Please don't do this to me.'"
Authorities advised her not to have further contact. The FBI used evidence from her computer and iPhone to build its case, Wolf said. "It took them two to three months to figure out who this was."

Wolf told CNN said has been on a "roller coaster of emotions." "It's kind of hard to explain my emotions about him. One one hand I am upset. ... how he traumatized me," she said. "I feel, on the other hand, sorry for him. He went to high school with me." Wolf says she is now on a campaign to raise awareness about the risks that technology can expose users to.

She has spoken to students about steps they can take. "It can happen to them because they are growing up in a generation where technology is so advanced." "Be careful what you are doing on your computer," she advised. "There are cameras on computers and iPhones. Be careful of what you are doing in front of your camera." Wolf said she used her computer responsibly but "did not know how dangerous a computer can be in the hands of someone else."

Other advice? Change passwords on e-mail and social media accounts. Make them difficult. Delete cookies and browsing history. And, when not communicating with a loved one or friend, put a sticker over the computer webcam.


Mark Zuckerberg Hacked For The Third Time This Year

Nov 16, 2016 @ 08:12 AM - For the third time this year, Mark Zuckerberg has had one of his social media accounts hacked. Members of the hacking group OurMine are once again claiming credit for the attack. Their target this time: Zuckerberg’s Pinterest account. This is the second time they’ve broken in. OurMine first hacked Zuckerberg back in June, gaining access to both his Twitter account and that same Pinterest account...



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