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Report: George W. Bush’s Grandfather Is The Most Notorious Satanist In Modern Times

This Explains So Much

January 18. 2011

Aleister Crowley, a pedophile, murderer, anti-Semite and Satanist, who practiced human sacrifices in Britain and was later kicked out of Italy by Mussolini for depravity. 

A number of reports indicate, the grandfather of former U.S. President, George W. Bush, was murderous Satanist, Aleister Crowley (1876-1947), who was once dubbed “The most wicked man on earth.” Coincidentally, so was his grandson while in office. Crowley's wives and girlfriends ended up in mental asylums, committed after the sick things and teachings he brought into their lives.

The President’s mother is Barbara Bush. Her mother is Pauline Robinson Pierce, who is said to have had a sexual relationship with Crowley, while staying at a mutual friend's home, where his wife was also present. Pierce fell pregnant, returned to America and married Marvin Pierce. Pauline Robinson Pierce was later labeled mentally ill as well.

Barbara Bush (left) and Aleister Crowley (right)

The resemblance between Crowley and Barbara Bush is astonishing. Furthermore, they have made eerily similarly evil statements about victims of natural disaster and war, further indicating they are from the same unsympathetic gene pool. 

Crowley stated of the, "Loss of life which occurred during the ascent of Kangchanjunga, an expedition he commanded: 'This is precisely the sort of thing with which I have no sympathy whatsoever.'" Barbara Bush made similar statements about the war in Iraq and further issued insensitive declarations about Hurricane Katrina victims.

Barbara Bush on the war in Iraq 

Crowley engaged in human sacrifices to Satan at his mansion in Britain. His grandson Bush engaged in human sacrifice in calling a terrible war he knew to be fraudulent, using it as an excuse to steal oil in the Middle East. 


George W. Bush

Bush got a double dose of evil running through his family line, as his paternal grandfather, Prescott Bush, bankrolled the construction of concentration camps under the Nazis. In observing the aftermath of the Bush presidency, it is safe to state, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. And you thought your gene pool was a mess…


Aleister Crowley The Most Wicked Man That Ever Lived

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