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OJ Simpson Receives Parole After 9-Years In Prison

July 21. 2017

OJ Simpson

Former NFL star, OJ Simpson, has been granted parole after 9-years in prison on an armed robbery charge. Simpson, a few of his friends and a security guard went to a Nevada hotel room to retrieve stolen memorabilia and family photos. During the hotel room confrontation, one of the security guards pulled a gun on the man in question. Charges were later filed over the incident and though he did not have a weapon, Simpson received the biggest prison sentence of all the men in the room, of 9 to 33-years behind bars.

Simpson has spent the past 9-years at the Lovelock prison in Nevada (what a name for an all-male prison). The promiscuous athlete, who was a known womanizer, has not had sex with a woman in 9-years and was caught masturbating in his prison cell. During his parole hearing, Simpson promised not to re-offend and labeled himself a "straight shooter." Considering he is in prison on gun charges, it wasn't the best choice of words.

Simpson is slated to leave prison in October. However, it should be noted the sentence was excessive. The court system was trying to make Simpson pay for the grisly murder of his second wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman. Simpson, who had divorced Nicole, had been tried and acquitted of her murder and that of Goldman.

It did not look good on the justice system that it failed in one case (Simpson/Goldman murder trial) and tried to make the suspect (OJ Simpson) pay in another (armed robbery in the hotel room), by issuing a padded, unjust sentence fit for a murder. It looks corrupt. That's not justice.

There are many issues in the Simpson murder trial that indicates OJ either killed Nicole and Ron or knows who did it. The evidence does not look good on Simpson. He also used to viciously beat Nicole on a regular basis. He treated her very badly. Nicole was definitely a battered wife and their children knew of the disturbing violence, in what was a very dysfunctional home. Police were summoned to the family's home on several occasions and on the eighth incident, placed him under arrest. Simpson pleaded no contest to beating up Nicole, but the case was derailed and he walked free.

OJ Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson in the mid 1990s

Nicole was determined to get OJ when they first met, despite the fact he was married at the time. They engaged in an adulterous affair that broke up his family (he was married with three children and one died in a tragedy). Taken by his fame and wealth, Nicole pushed to get OJ's first wife out of the picture. She did all she could to let his first wife know they were having an affair. It resulted in divorce.

OJ married Nicole a few years later, but the relationship was a complete nightmare. He routinely beat Nicole and humiliated her in front of others, in conduct he had not done to his first wife. He was resentful of Nicole. The athlete repeatedly cheated on Nicole, bought other women gifts she found out about and paraded his girlfriends around to his friends behind her back. He had many women, which devastated Nicole. However, she should have realized if a man cheats with you, he will cheat on you.

Nicole did not belong with him, but due to his wealth and fame she did her best to land someone that belonged to another, which turned very ugly on her when he began to change. Nicole was broken by the terrible beatings, his cheating and humiliating rumors circling among their friends about him with other women. OJ had fallen in love with someone else and wanted to leave Nicole.

Nicole told people she feared OJ would kill her. The evidence gives the appearance he had a hand in her death, where the attacker stabbed her and cut Nicole's throat so severely, the coroner reported it nearly severed her head. Goldman was stabbed and slashed multiple times as well. No one deserves to meet with the horrible end they did and justice was not served in the criminal case. Due to evidence tampering by former police officer Mark Furhman, the case was discredited and Simpson walked free.

Women need to be careful of dating or marrying men who are prone to violence. You are not going to change him. He needs professional help. In some cases there are men who refuse to be reformed, even when professional help is presented. There is a danger that such a man could send you and or those around you to an early grave.

Here's hoping OJ is really rehabilitated and will not harm anyone else. During the parole hearing he erupted in anger, which was alarming. He still has a rage problem and needs to get that under control. Reports indicate he will be living in Miami upon his release.


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