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Justin Bieber Continues To Slam His Fans And It Is Undeserved

Bieber's Bad Behavior

March 14. 2017

Justin Bieber

Pop singer Justin Bieber continues to show animosity towards his fans. There have been noted incidents of Bieber verbally abusing and or physically attacking his fans. This behavior is drawing a significant amount of public criticism and bad publicity (and deservedly so).

The most recent incident saw Bieber slam one of his fans for asking for a picture with him. Her request was perfectly normally. However, Bieber became angry and stated, "You make me sick. You're invading my privacy, I don't want a photo." The fan was left crying and humiliated.

Bieber is mistaken, as her conduct did not constitute invasion of privacy. Bieber's behavior was uncalled for and unkind. Bieber owes his fans an apology, as his words and actions are ungracious and indicates he well and truly resents them. It it were not for them, he would not be rich and famous. However, it has been a string of abuse from him.

Bieber's anger towards his fans is misplaced. Bieber needs to stop directing this contempt, anger and resentment at his fans. He needs to channel that anger at the source of his problems, the greedy, highly unethical industry team that has overworked and harassed him, getting the singer involved in questionable things behind the scenes that is wreaking havoc on his mental health and peace of mind. Bieber's poor little fans don't deserve the bad treatment from him.


'You make me sick': Justin Bieber snubs Melbourne fan Sabah Helal's photo request as he tells the 20-year-old Belieber she's invading his privacy

Published: 05:29 EST, 11 March 2017 | Updated: 12:25 EST, 11 March 2017 - Justin Bieber has tried to keep somewhat of a relatively low profile in recent years. And this was particular evident, in a public spotting, prior to his Melbourne show on Friday night. Snubbing 20-year-old Sabah Helal's photo request, the 23-year-old pop sensation told her: 'You make me sick,' adding that the fan was invading his privacy. 

'You make me sick': Justin Bieber, 23, snubed Melbourne fan Sabah Helal's (pictured far right) photo request, as he told the 20-year-old Belieber she was invading his privacy. Sabah had been keeping track of Justin's movements during the day, and saw a chance opportunity to have her moment with the star. Approaching his car, Sabah said to the singer-songwriter: 'Hey Justin, can we have a photo?' 'I told him that I was going to take the photo anyway!'...'It's too late now to say sorry!' Frustrated fans claim...Snubbing her request, Justin replied: 'You're invading my privacy, I don't want a photo.'...



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