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FBI Still Lying About FOIA Files

February 10. 2009

George Carlin

In conduct reminiscent of what I complained of previously here, the FBI defied a Freedom Of Information Act request regarding the late comedian George Carlin, stating there was no file. Well, they lied...again. Shortly after, due to unflattering circumstances, the FBI mysteriously found the file they have been keeping on crass comedy purveyor and snoop, George Carlin, for quite some time and released 12 pages, still withholding the rest under improper motives.

As Ive stated before, the FBI will flat out lie to the public about cases, criminal investigations and Freedom of Information files. They will hide files, compress them, move them out of the office, even deliberately list them under misspelled names in their database, to keep unconstitutional investigations quiet, which is illegal. They are defying the law of the land, Congress and the American people with this misconduct, ensuring the public will never trust them.

FBI Director Robert Mueller

Spokesbeast Laura Eimiller told the Associated Press she would check on the contradiction in the George Carlin incident, also known as, inquiring with headquarters regarding what lie they want to release to the public this time. You remember Eimiller, the unwise FBI mouthpiece that contacted me with an ulterior motive (if gun boy is still upset tell him to contact me, as I have a few choice words for him for hiding behind a woman).

In all your corruption, bullying, intimidation, rudeness, arrogance, viciousness and ill-mannered conduct, how have you made the country better? The nation is on a terrible downward spiral, plummeting in a financial sinkhole, caused by the FBI and the SEC's criminal negligence, in letting rich and famous degenerates run loose and run amok, in illegal conduct that has resulted in fatalities and great financial loss.

History shall record you in a very ugly way for it. You should have had more pride in America than to behave so treacherously and disgracefully at the public's expense. Many people have paid a terrible price for your failures. Since its black history month, which is like April Fools to FBI headquarters in Washington, DC and in light of the fact they killed the greatest black American ever, Martin Luther King jr, Id like to send a raspberry SS salute to head Nazi, Fuhrer, Robert Every foreigner is a terrorist or spy Mueller.

Keep up the bad work in improperly investigating innocent citizens that rightly criticize the FBIs poor conduct, while the real criminals, bloodthirsty terrorists, plan their next attack. You are your own worst enemy. You let 9/11 go through via criminal negligence, so public expectation regarding you is quite low.


FBI didn't keep tabs on comedian Carlin's 7 words

LOS ANGELES (AP) Talk about irony. George Carlin spent decades pushing the bounds of free speech by saying the seven words you can never say on television, but not one of them made it into an FBI file on him...After Carlin's death, the FBI answered FOIA requests from the AP with a form letter saying the bureau had no file on him. FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said this week she was checking on the contradiction.




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