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Woman Beats, Burns And Suffocates Her 1-Year-Old Son To Get Back At His Father For Finding Another Girlfriend

April 24. 2017

Jamelle Peterkin in a Houston, Texas court on child abuse charges

Here's more proof men need to be careful with their sperm. 23-year-old Jamelle Peterkin, tortured her son to get back at the child's father, for finding a new girlfriend. Peterkin took videos and pictures as she abused her 1-year-old son, via placing and tying a plastic bag over his head to impair his breathing, stuffing a plastic bag in his mouth, holding a lighter to his fingers, burning him with cigarettes and slapping him around. That is awful. No one, especially a child, should endure such mistreatment.

Peterkin then sent the abuse photos and videos to the baby's father, as punishment for him dumping her and finding a new girlfriend. Determined to get rid of his new girlfriend, she made the aforementioned threats using the photos and videos, sent to her ex-partner and his family stating such things as, "That's okay. We can keep playing. Let's see how bad y'all wanna be together." 

Peterkin was abusing her child and using it as leverage in trying to force her ex-partner to dump his new girlfriend. Authorities were called and Peterkin has been arrested. She appeared in a Houston courtroom on child abuse charges and posted $15,000 bond. The judge presiding over the case has ordered her to stay 200 feet away from her son. Peterkin must make further appearances in court until the case is completed. In the face of such solid evidence, she is facing a conviction.


Toddler being suffocated by his mother to get back at the child's dad who dumped her for someone else

Some men do not care who they knock up, while others are trapped by a woman via a deceitfully planned pregnancy, where conception occurs without his knowledge (woman lies to the man that she is on birth control in a bid to trap him with a pregnancy).

Some men have sex with women they know are of poor character, not thinking about the consequences. They see warning signs, but ignore them in favor of cheap sex with someone they do not love. Then, they go on to pay the price for their lack of self-control, when the questionable woman they have impregnated raises their child poorly with a gross lack of ethics and education or as we see in this case, abuses the child out of resentment and bitterness for the dad.

Men need to think ahead to the long term regarding what happens when they knock up a cheap, scheming unethical woman. She will not properly educate your child. She will not teach your child the proper life lessons. She will not impart the correct wisdom and ethics to your child to give your offspring every opportunity to be as successful as possible in life. Your child will be at a disadvantage. Some people just do not have the right priorities in life and have no real drive regarding what is important.

Baby was burned with cigarette by his mother, who sent the above posted vindictive text to the child's dad

Some women take out their anger and resentment for their child's father on the offspring. Some children face emotional, mental and physical abuse for this reason. Some women also resent their children who look like the child's father, as it is a reminder of the man who dumped them or treated them badly. However, no child deserves to be abused for any reason.

Men need to stop going around knocking up women they have no intention of committing to in any measure. The consequences of such acts are far reaching, as it also places the child in a difficult situation, between two warring parents who resent each other. Some women use their children as pawns to hurt the dads or extract huge sums of money from them in excess of what is required. Then, there are the dads who do not financially contribute to their children's upkeep.

People should make sure they are ready to bring children into this world before they conceive and it should be a mutual decision. Women who believe they can make a man love them by getting pregnant without telling him first, are sorely mistaken. It never works. So many women have been hurt and devastated when lust turns to hate from a man who was not ready for fatherhood that was thrust upon him. 

Plastic bag stuffed in baby's mouth by his mother who sent photos and videos of the child abuse via text messages

Not to mention, just like he can knock you up, he can get someone else pregnant as well. Then his attention will be divided even more. A baby does not mean a man will love you. Women with that mentality need to realize they cannot force a man to love them. He either does or does not.

Think about it, if you were a man and you decided to have sex with someone you did not love, have no intention of marrying, do not want to be the parent of a potential future child, only slept with them out of lust in what was supposed to be a temporary fling, but they get pregnant without telling you and now you have the responsibility of financially paying for and co-parenting. How would you feel. Therefore, why put yourself in that situation regarding someone who could potentially turn on you for trapping them.

Whoever you choose to have a child with in life, make sure the person is the correct one for you, to avoid potential heartbreak and distress to all involved, including your offspring. Make sure you love that person and they love you as well. Make sure it is a decent, smart person who will raise your child well and give them all the tools possible to succeed in life.


Mother 'recorded herself torturing her one-year-old son and sent the videos to relatives because she was upset the child's father had a new girlfriend'

Published: 13:24 EDT, 17 April 2017 | Updated: 16:24 EDT, 17 April 2017 - A Houston-area woman accused of placing a plastic bag over the head of her 1-year-old son and sending video of the abuse to relatives appeared in court Monday. Jamelle Peterkin, 23, was charged with endangering a child. She also allegedly sent video and photos of her boy with a plastic bag stuck in his mouth.

The boy's aunt, Ra'Neicha Broadnax, said that in recent days she received videos and pictures from Peterkin also showing the child being slapped and having a lighter held to his fingers, ABC13 reported. Broadnax, who said she began receiving the messages on April 13, said Peterkin indicated she was angry about the father's new girlfriend.

Officers said they saw video of the toddler experiencing difficulty breathing as 'an adult hand was seen stuffing a plastic bag' into his mouth and a photo of the boy 'with a plastic bag over his head' tied in a knot, Click2Houston reported. The boy's aunt, Ra'Neicha Broadnax (pictured), said she had received the videos and pictures on April 13

A text message she sent accompanying the plastic bag photo read: 'Sad that he pressed to cheat after he just begged me to be his girlfriend. 'That's okay. We can keep playing. Let's see how bad y'all wanna be together.' She sent evidence of the abuse to her ex-boyfriend. Records show Peterkin also placed a plastic bag in the child's mouth.




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