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Will Smith And Jada Are Sexually Confused

That Seems To Happen A Lot In Hollywood

They Are Also Scientologists

September 29. 2008

Scientologists Tom Cruise (left) and Will Smith (right)

Actors Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinket Smith are engaging in that old Hollywood pastime of sexually swinging both ways. Jada Smith is a closeted lesbian. She has been harping in interviews about the alleged benefits of being a lesbian, while denying she is one.

Jada "Butch" Smith

It's a poorly hidden secret in Hollywood that the couple are bisexual Scientologists, but to appear wholesome to the movie ticket buying public, pretend otherwise.

To go to such extremes to pretend, while also being an active part of one of the sickest cults in the world, is crazy. However, it's Hollywood and sanity and honesty is not their strong suit.

That hair is awful and what's worse is she wasn't kidding

Gawker.com even revealed that Sony, the movie studio Will Smith is with, threatened MSNBC into killing a story about how deep in Scientology the actor actually is, under the tutelage of fellow fruitcake, Tom Cruise.

Howard Stringer (Sony CEO) - Sony went to great lengths to hide the fact that Will Smith is a Scientologist (see below) fearing his career with the studio would go the way of Tom Cruise's epic fall

In failed attempts at making the sick cult more sellable to the public, Will Smith even tried to equate Scientology with Christianity and the Bible, which offended Christians.

Christianity was started by a loving, compassionate, perfect person, Jesus, that surrendered His life on the Cross, at the hands of cruel people, so that the whole world may be forgiven of their sins through His sacrifice.

L. Ron Hubbard (Scientology cult founder)

Scientology was started by L. Ron Hubbard, a violent, psychotic, schizophrenic, tax dodging felon that was accused of molesting kids on Scientology Seaorg ships at sea, to get away from U.S. law on land, that bars such sick conduct. However, wrongfully believing molesting kids renews one's youth, that pedophile sexually abused innocent children of cult members, who later spoke out. Hubbard was also a hypocrite that died with anti-psychotic drugs in his system, when for years he forced all his Scientology cult members to avoid all forms of medicine.

warning: very graphic video

[After watching that video the only conclusion one can reach is a person would have to be insane to remain apart of the sick cult that is Scientology that Will Smith actively donates to, started a $1 million dollar school for, promotes in his interviews using the cult's jargon and gives coupons to film crew members to join].

Jesus stated in the Bible that one is not to take revenge against one's enemies, but to allow God to bring justice.

Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard instituted an unlawfully, vengeful policy known as "Fair Game" that terrorized innocent verbal opponents of the cult, via illegal wiretapping, stalking, harassment, assault, destroying their homes, businesses, relationships and peace of mind, in attempts at driving them to the desired end result of suicide or mental institutionalization. They have been sued for doing this to many innocent people. Fellow Hollywood cult Kabbalah also employs these tactics and ironically, many of the same dirty private investigators to carry out these criminal acts. 

Christianity and Scientology are nothing alike. It's like comparing good and evil, with Scientology being the evil end of the spectrum, while Christianity on the benevolent side.

Tom Cruise was unmasked as insane on the Oprah Winfrey show and via a series of leaked Scientology videos

In closing, it's amazing the foolishness and criminal activity the FBI in L.A. allows under the guise of celebrity. Wake up, because the nation and world are watching and are appalled. Other nations have actively taken up legislation to neutral sick cults like Scientology that spread to their shores (Spain, Germany, France). Yet amazingly, credible accusations against the cult of illegal wiretapping, hacking, stalking, theft and worst of all, child molestation, goes legally unpunished in America. 

It's also amazing how arrogant Jada is, considering she is stole Will Smith from his former wife via adultery and now only has a career because of his, never carrying a successful film on her own as the lead.

Jada Pinkett Smith’s new lesbian role

September 15, 2008 - The older Will and Jada get, the more we see and hear them act crazy or out of character. I think its a sad attempt to stay relevant and appear young. Here are excerpts from a new Jada interview on her role in The Women.

Jada Pinkett-Smith: I play a lesbian, which is fantastic, and I got to be in love with Eva Mendes, which is even more fantastic. Will was like, ‘Oh, I had her already. You can have my leftovers’. I love Eva. That’s my girl. We had a good time together. That was one of the reasons I wanted to do ‘The Women’. It was a first time female director. She had been working on this project for 13 years and it’s called ‘The Women’ and its an all-female cast, and I was like, ‘I have to do this’. It was just the statement alone.

Do you know any lesbian that you could have gone to for a frame of reference for the character?

Jada Pinkett Smith: I know lots of lesbians. (Laughs). I think there is a lesbian inside of me that I just pulled out. (Laughs)

Was there one scene that stood for you while making this?

Jada Pinkett Smith: Well, they took my favorite scene out. I thought I was going to the opportunity to kiss Eva Mendes, but that didn’t happen.



Jada Pinkett-Smith has a star role in her her latest film that was released last Friday (Sept.12) called ‘The Women’. Did you go see it yet? The film is a remake of the 1939 George Cukor film, but has been modified slightly with Pinkett-Smith playing a lesbian character.

Jada Pinkett-Smith says she really enjoyed playing a lesbian. “I play a lesbian, which is fantastic, and I got to be in love with Eva Mendes, which is even more fantastic.


Jada Pinkett Smith Controversy

"Women, you can have it all--a loving man, devoted husband, loving children, a fabulous career," she said. "They say you gotta choose. Nah, nah, nah. We are a new generation of women. We got to set a new standard of rules around here. You can do whatever it is you want. All you have to do is want it."

"To my men, open your mind, open your eyes to new ideas. Be open," she added.

Apparently these words ticked off a gay advocacy group on the campus:

Harvard Crimson - After some students were offended by Jada Pinkett Smith's comments at Saturday's Cultural Rhythms show, the Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, and Supporters Alliance (BGLTSA) and the Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations have begun working together to increase sensitivity toward issues of sexuality at Harvard.

Students said that some of Pinkett Smith's remarks concerning appropriate gender roles were specific to heterosexual relationships.


The Not So Secret Secret To Will and Jada's Perfect Union

Rumors have been swirling for years that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith are swingers, so I guess this comes as no surprise to some, but Will recently told a British magazine, "I'll tell my wife if I need to have sex with someone else." Each of them, he claims will say: "I’m not going to do it if you don’t approve of it."

Will says, 'Our perspective is, you don’t avoid what’s natural and you’re going to be attracted to people.’

But Will claims he's not sure what he'd do if Jada wanted to take another lover.
‘I don’t know how I’d feel,’ he confesses. ‘But I know I would react better than if I found out about it afterwards.’


Exclusive: Sony Execs Tried To Pressure MSNBC Into Killing Will Smith Scientology Story

Defamer has learned that executives at Sony tried to have an MSNBC story outing Will Smith as a closeted Scientologist killed. With the Smith tentpole Hancock slated for a July release, execs are clearly worried their big summer blockbuster will turn into another Mission:Impossible 3 conundrum, when Tom Cruise's anything-but-glib antics spurred petitions against the film and damaged the film's B.O. on both the domestic and international fronts. In an effort to prevent a similar s***show come July, our source claims Sony forced a denial statement out of Smith after MSNBC stuck by their original story:

"After word got out that Will was a secret Scientologist, reps from Sony [the studio behind Hancock] completely flipped out, and asked that the online exclusive be taken down immediately. After being refused, Sony forced Smith to speak out and release a denial statement."

But how did his friends in the Church take the news? Find out after the jump.

As our source explained, it appears the folks at Sony weren't the only ones up in arms about the Smith and Scientology claims. Apparently Will and his family have been giving money to the Church (Scientology) for years, though they've done a fantastic job keeping their donations under the radar.

Says our source, "After Smith's Scientologist friends saw the denial today, they got incredibly pi**ed and some asked him, 'you're still gonna donate money, right?'" Considering the secretive nature of many celebrity Scientologists, coupled with an urgent request from a major studio to remove a rumor on a gossip site, it's time to take this story up a notch from rumor to fact. Since when do execs at a studio as powerful as Sony reach out to news-gathering organizations and attempt to use their leverage in order to kill potentially damaging stories? Oh yeah, that's right, since forever! We applaud the folks over at MSNBC for sticking to their guns (and their story).


Will Smith: Scientology, Bible Almost Identical

In the latest issue of Men’s Vogue, Will Smith tells the book that, after flirting with Buddhism and Hinduism in the past, he has started to study Scientology with Hollywood pal Tom Cruise. Adding to Mr. Smith’s recent revelation, a source apparently told US Weekly that the I Am Legend star’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, 36, has also become interested in the quasi-religion started by science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. In fact, they told the gossip weekly, “She’s more gung-ho about Scientology than Will.”

And that might be saying a lot. Mr. Smith, 39, who was raised in the Baptist church, goes on to say that Ninety-eight percent of the principles [in Scientology] are identical to the principles of the Bible….I don’t think that because the word someone uses for spirit is ‘thetan’ that the definition becomes any different.” To clarify for those who may not know, a ‘thetan’ is considered by most Scientologists to be a spiritual being—possessing both a mind and body—who has lived through several incarnations.


Will Smith Shows Off Scientology Brainwashing

Besides talking pure nonsense to a bewildered Smiley for several minutes, Smith used a very strange phrase about halfway through the clip. He talked about "feeling like you're at effect," which means...well, frankly, this Hubbard jargon means anything you want it to mean, so what the hell…

What we found even creepier comes later in the clip, when Smith starts talking about creating matter with his mind. Smiley's expression is priceless as Smith talks about the power of his brain: "I can create whatever I want to create if I can put my head on it right, study it, learn the patterns..."

Hey, that's just what Hubbard's other minions believe, that after a few more classes (each costing about the same as a luxury car), they'll get so powerful they can create things just by thinking about them!

Hey Will, we hope you keep studying all the way to OT VIII so you can start bending the universe to your will (so to speak). Then maybe you could think real hard about a film with you in it that doesn't suck, so that one magically appears!




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