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 TLC's T-Boz Threatens To Beat Up Rihanna Over Her Actions Against The Group (Video)

June 30. 2014

Recently, girl group TLC did an interview where they made comments about how unnecessary nudity is in pop culture. Singer, Rihanna, who is always half naked, assumed TLC was talking about her. In return, Rihanna posted a photo of TLC topless but covering their breasts, on her Twitter page. Rihanna was slammed online for this conduct, as the photo of TLC was originally for breast cancer awareness.


TMZ ran into T-Boz a few days ago and asked her about Rihanna. T-Boz indicated she is not into Twitter beefs, but beatdowns, stating Rihanna knows where she can find her. Yea, that's pretty much an invitation to get your butt kicked. Rihanna's made so many enemies out of her industry colleagues that her label and management have become concerned, as the public dislikes the unprovoked attacks the singer is engaging in. They're in the business of selling music, which is hard to do when an artist repeatedly offends the public.


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