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The Story Of NFL Star Shaun Gayle's Girlfriend And Baby Being Killed Is A Warning Of The Dangers That Exist In Secretly Dating Many Women

February 6. 2018

Rhoni Reuter and Shaun Gayle

In 1985 former NFL star, Shaun Gayle, won the Super Bowl with the Chicago Bears. In 2007, he was dating 17 women at the same time, which is dangerous. One of the women, Rhoni Reuter, age 42, became pregnant, after dating Gayle for 17-years. One of the other 17 women Gayle was secretly dating, Marni Yang, became enraged when she found out about Reuter’s pregnancy. So much so, she stalked Reuter to her home and when the unsuspecting woman opened the door, Yang opened fire.

Shaun Gayle and Rhoni Reuter

Yang shot Reuter several times, twice in the stomach, at point blank range, to ensure the unborn baby died. Both mother and child were pronounced dead. In fact, the coroner discovered the first shots went into Reuter's stomach. She was so angry about Reuter's pregnancy, as she wanted to marry Gayle, deeming the unborn baby derailed it. In 2011, Yang was sentenced to life in prison for the grisly double murder.

Marni Yang

Gayle, like so many famous men, decided to date many women. It is a risky thing to do on so many levels. There is the threat of deadly disease. There is also the threat of a scorned woman doing the unthinkable and harming someone. It is not good to string people along. Some women can deal with heartbreak. Others begin acting insane and resort to revenge via violence. Clearly Gayle was not meant to be with all those women. No one is, but so often famous men juggle many women, then something bad happens, to varying degrees. It's better to commit to one person.


'As evil as it gets': Crime Watch Daily unravels the murder of NFL star's pregnant girlfriend shot dead by scorned mistress who wore dark face paint and a wig during the killing

Published: 15:26 EST, 4 February 2018 | Updated: 17:26 EST, 4 February 2018 - Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen will show 'An Ex-NFL Player, a Scorned Mistress, and the Undercover Sting That Unraveled It All' on Monday to share the details surrounding the brutal killing of Chicago Bears star Shaun Gayle's girlfriend, Rhoni Reuter

The story of the obsessed lover who murdered the pregnant girlfriend of former Chicago Bears star Shaun Gayle is being explored by Crime Watch Daily. 'The first shot appeared to be targeted right at her stomach,' retired Lake County Major Crimes Task Force Detective George Filenko said to Crime Watch Daily .

Lake County Assistant State Attorney Ari Fisz added: 'This is about as evil as it gets.' A list of 17 women had been gathered at the murder scene as women who Gayle had been seeing while dating Reuter. Investigators received a tip and homed in on one name in particular: Marni Yang.

Yang had purchased a book on how to make a homemade silencer, had receipts for materials needed for a silencer and had rented a vehicle similar to the one witnesses saw fleeing the scene. The special even includes footage from Home Depot showing Yang buying the materials she would use to kill Reuter.

A list of 17 women had been gathered at the murder scene as women who Gayle had been seeing while dating Reuter. Investigators received a tip and homed in on one name in particular: Marni Yang. Christi Paschen, Yang's best friend, would be the final piece to the puzzle in the capture of Yang. 'Christi Paschen pretty much knew everything… Christi agreed to wear a body wire and have a conversation with Marni and record the conversation,' Fisz explained...




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