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The Addition Of Keona Green To 'Basketball Wives' Presents A Woman Who Tried And Failed To Trap Famous Man Nick Young With Pregnancy But Is Now Devastated The Public Is Slamming Her For It (Nick Young And Iggy Azalea)

April 18. 2017

Nick Young

The newest addition to the "Basketball Wives" reality show cast is Keonna Green, who you may remember as the woman who broke up the engagement of female rapper Iggy Azalea and basketball star, Nick Young. Keonna is another woman in denial on that show. Nick has repeatedly dumped her for other women since high school, yet she desperately stayed around because he was starting to earn money.

Keonna became pregnant for him twice in trying to force a commitment and marriage and each time it failed to make him stay. It is abundantly clear Nick sees Keona as just sex, nothing more. There's no sense in being in denial about it. Call it what it is and stop creating these destructive situations.

The most recent incident occurred when Nick began dating Iggy. Keonna states she found out about it through the pop culture website TMZ, which upset her (this has happened to many people thanks to the nosy TMZ). Once again, it is more proof Keonna is just sex to Nick, who clearly is not of the belief they have been in any kind of relationship that would necessitate him informing her of a break-up. As Nick did not deem Keonna a girlfriend, just some sex, there was no need to tell her he started a relationship with Iggy.

Iggy Azalea

Women need to learn to see a situation for what it is and not what they want it to be. There's a phrase that goes, "When a person shows you who they are, believe them." If he is showing you he does not want to claim or commit to you, believe it. Stop being in denial, as it is self-destructive.

Iggy and Nick quickly announced their engagement after a few months of dating and moved in together. This was another sign Keonna should have backed off, but she did not. During a trip to Keonna's place to visit his son with her, she seduced Nick, with the intent of getting pregnant and breaking up his engagement to Iggy. Nick fell for it, as he clearly does most of his thinking with the head in his pants and not the one in his brain.

Then, Nick ended up embarrassed and disgraced when months later Keonna announced her pregnancy, with the intent of destroying his engagement to Iggy and wanting him to marry her instead. That was a foul thing to do to Iggy and it backfired. It didn't work in winning Keonna the marriage proposal from Nick. Instead the public bashed Keonna all over the internet for being "a bad person" "a hoe" "gold digger" "slut" and other insulting names, as she schemed to destroy someone else's relationship and engagement.

Keonna Green

Iggy received public sympathy, while Keonna and Nick have been bashed as villains. To make matters worse, after Iggy dumped Nick for cheating, he did not commit to Keonna, but started a new relationship, with upcoming singer, Paloma Ford, who he has been publicly claiming for all to see.

Now, Keonna is on "Basketball Wives" crying at being bashed by the public and stating "I'm not a bad person" and she "wants respect" and "deserves more respect than I have been given." However, she brought this on herself. She forced her will on Nick via trapping him with a pregnancy he did not agree to, while contacting and harassing his fiancé, Iggy, trying to force her out of the picture, when the rapper had done nothing wrong.

Some fail to understand, you cannot force people to respect or like you. People will respect someone's actions, such as doing good things to help others. However, if people see you scheming and plotting to break up others relationships and engagements, of course it will be greeted with public scorn, contempt and disdain.

Paloma Ford

Once again, the internet is not sympathetic to Keonna's plight, as she is being bashed all over again for "crocodile tears" on "Basketball Wives" after she deliberately broke up Nick and Iggy's relationship. It does not look good that Keonna was telephoning and taunting Iggy about Nick being at her home, when the rapper thought he was merely visiting his son at her place. Keonna pulled nasty stunts in trying to get at Iggy for dating and becoming engaged to Young, when no one forced him to pursue the female rapper. Nick was not married to Keonna. He had a right to choose someone else.

Some women dangerously convince themselves that the man they are in love with, who is dating someone else, is somehow being forced against his will to do so. No one is forcing him. Women need to face reality and not lie to themselves in that manner. He is with someone else because he wants to be with someone else.

Just so, some of you men need that reality check as well, when your ex-girlfriend finds someone else and you start acting like the new man is holding her hostage, when in actuality she has moved on of her own free will. Your ex-girlfriend is dating someone new, grinning at him, kissing him, calling him baby, bae and daddy, yet you have convinced yourself she is in some type of hostage crisis wanting you to rescue her (LOL). Bro, she's gone, leave her alone.

Nick Young

There are some women who think the way Keonna does and it is a form of denial. If a man wants to propose and marry you, he will. You won't have to twist his arm or try to trap him with pregnancy. If a man is not asking you to marry him, you need to take that as a warning sign before you engage in scheming acts that damage you, him and or your potential child you seek to trap him with, as he is not going to be there for you or the baby as he should, because his mind and heart are elsewhere.

Do not cost someone the person they love. The person will greatly resent you for it and want you out of their life. He will be resentful of the fact you forced him into fatherhood and and tried to trap him into marriage, when that is not what he wanted.

When a person feels they cannot trust you, they will not want to be in a relationship with you, after dealing with your scheming and treachery in trapping them. It's that simple. Don't try to convince yourself it will be a great relationship, because it will turn into heartbreak on you. Given time a man might change his mind and propose if he feels you are the one for him and he can trust you will not do something that is hurtful or harmful to him, but when you decide you are going to force him to, you are in for a heartbreaking, nasty surprise and reality check.

Iggy Azalea

I've seen it happen so many times in the entertainment industry to others. Desperate women seeing a man rise to fame, wanting bragging rights and what they deem should be their cut of his money, then realizing there is another woman in the picture, so they decide on taunting the one he is in love with, then trapping him with a pregnancy. Then they leak his private information into the public domain about having sex with him and or needing more child support (social networking, paid articles in tabloids) to publicly claim someone who does not want to claim them.

It does not make the man dump the one he loves and marry the woman trapping him. It makes him bitter, resentful and angry. He might voluntarily pay child support, but in many cases has to be ordered to do so by the court, while resenting your very being for making him a father before he wanted to be one and costing him the woman he loves. I know some women make genuine mistakes with birth control or simply forget to take the pill one day and accidentally get pregnant. These are not the women I am referring to in this manner.

I'm referring to the scheming ones who are only looking out for themselves and not thinking ahead to how it looks on a famous man's image when a messy, attention seeking side chick becomes pregnant to trap a star, then acts undignified in the press in trying to stake claim to a male celebrity, who has absolutely no interest in going public with you, as you were nothing but sex to him.

Keonna Green

It's not a good look. It makes the woman look bad and damages the star's image and income stream. He is no longer the clean cut star with unlimited earnings potential, but the one who was careless with his sperm and knocked up a woman he had no intention of claiming, let alone marrying, who is now acting with no class in airing his dirty laundry and dragging his name through the mud for selfish reasons.

Women who do this always end up being slammed and bashed by the public as promiscuous gold diggers wanting money and attention for having sex with a man, who was never serious about them. Ladies, don't put yourselves in that situation. It's not worth the pain and humiliation from the public.

Managers and agents also need to talk with their famous male clients from the outset of their contract and warn them about how desperate, clingy women who deliberately trap famous men with pregnancy then turn it into public scandal when they don't get big checks and a wedding ring, can demolish their earnings potential and ruin their image with fans and endorsers.

Basketball Wives

Sports is fun, but as I have repeatedly stated on this site, it is also a business. Companies want their brands fronted by stars free from scandal (unless the star is the victim, then they make an exception). Companies do not want to throw millions of dollars at male stars whose side chick traps them with pregnancy and does messy tabloid articles and blog posts airing his dirty laundry. She thinks she will win the public over to her side, but all it does is create contempt.

And make no mistake, when a disgruntled side chick is in a tabloid, it was a paid article, meaning she sold you out. When the details of your conduct with the side chick ends up in a tabloid or on a blog, she blabbed and sold you out for attention and or money. That's not someone who is trustworthy. Trust me, people contact tabloids and pop culture sites and blogs with dirty laundry all the time. We don't have to seek them out, which means the side chick is selling you out.

Savannah James and Lebron James

Some of you have Savannah James as your role model, stating she was quietly dating basketball phenomenon Lebron James for 10-years, she kept having his babies, then he married her. However, Savannah didn't trap Lebron via pregnancy and he always publicly claimed her as his girl. People always knew they were a couple. Lebron did not hide it.

I read the social networking pages of celebrities on a regular basis for content to use in the pop culture articles on my sites. Once again, Savannah was not the side chick Lebron was hiding, not publicly claiming and privately using for sex. He wasn't hiding her, meeting her in hotels for sex or at her home for some secret sexual encounter, then telling her to keep quiet about sleeping with him. Lebron would write nice and funny comments of a romantic nature on Savannah's social networking pages that let the public know she is his girlfriend (they've since married).


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