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Spying To Steal

May 20. 2009

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, illegally passes around the contents of computers the FBI spies in, with no legal authority to do so. If you are a foreign scientist, inventor or highly creative entrepreneur visiting or living in America, beware of this man.

The federal government has been spying into computers and on phone lines for deceitful purposes. Senators such as Arlen Specter, Patrick Leahy and Nancy Pelosi are fully apprized of the practice and the scope of its use. It's one thing when the FBI spies into a criminal's computer and email box in a bid to fight crime. That is appropriate and reasonable. However, it sinks into thoroughly illegal territory, when following the Bush directive, the FBI and NSA use U.S. spy capabilities to steal proprietary data from companies of other nations that do business in America.

Echelon telecommunications spy center

The fact of the matter is, the FBI and NSA, have used CIPAV and Echelon, respectively, to spy on scientists, inventors and corporate entities of other nations, inside and outside, America, to steal proprietary data and pass it on to large U.S. companies. This conduct is illegal, disgraceful and in criminal violation of international treaties the government signed and domestic laws that bar corporate theft. The general air of lawlessness in the corporate sector, with the consent of the FBI and SEC, is what created the massive financial crisis of 2008 that refuses to reverse.

Echelon telecommunications spy center

The FBI has made a few token arrests, but nowhere near what is required to clean up and restore the markets to credibility in the nation and around the world. The problem is so out of hand, SEC lawyers are now being accused of insider trading. However, who is investigating FBI officials that are openly engaging in criminal wrongdoing.

Apart of the reason the financial fall out continues is some of the very people sworn to maintain law and order, several high ranking officials, believe they are above the law and have been engaging in criminal mischief. They have no true oversight and many innocent citizens and residents have paid a price for that.


EU probes Echelon

The system, which dates back to the Cold War, can intercept millions of telephone, fax and e-mail messages across the world every day. The US has been accused of using Echelon to gain competitive advantage for its companies. France has also ordered its counter-intelligence services to investigate the allegations. A report to the European Parliament last October said Echelon played a part in helping the American Boeing company block attempts by the European Airbus consortium to break into the Saudi Arabian market...


FBI's Sought Approval for Custom Spyware in FISA Court

Cipav The FBI sought approval to use its CIPAV spyware program from the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in terrorism or foreign spying cases, THREAT LEVEL has learned. Officials processing a Freedom of Information Act request from Wired.com have turned up some 3,000 pages of FBI documents about the CIPAV, according to an FBI FOIA official. They date back to at least 2005. Some 60 - 75 percent of them are internal e-mails. Others are technical documents and legal filings. FISC hearings are closed and the decisions secret.


FBI remotely installs spyware to trace bomb threat

The FBI used a novel type of remotely installed spyware last month to investigate who was e-mailing bomb threats to a high school near Olympia, Wash. Federal agents obtained a court order on June 12 to send spyware called CIPAV to a MySpace account suspected of being used by the bomb threat hoaxster. Once implanted, the software was designed to report back to the FBI with the Internet Protocol address of the suspect's computer, other information found on the PC and, notably, an ongoing log of the user's outbound connections...

There have been hints in the past that the FBI has employed this technique. In 2004, an article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that the bureau had used an "Internet Protocol Address Verifier" that was sent to a suspect via e-mail...




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