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Spike In London Knife Crime, Acid Attacks And Thefts Necessitates Additional Government Action

December 5. 2017

London, England is generally a safe place. However, since Brexit, Britainís vote which resulted in an exit from the European Union, scheduled to be completed in less than 2-years, there has been an increase in knife crime, acid attacks and thefts in certain areas. The numbers are not high, but they are increasing and need to be nipped in the bud, lest it turns into a full blown crisis. These crimes are being committed by young gang members, many of whom use mopeds. A dedicated moped registry, used in tandem with CCTV, would be useful in tracking and arresting perpetrators.

In 2015, the Judiciary Report was not in favor of police cuts, as London is a large city of over 10,000,000 people (Metropolitan Police Cuts To Leave 8,000 Officers Unemployed But Can Be Avoided). Police are needed to keep the peace. I am of the belief the police cuts have contributed to the noticeable uptick in crime. During the London Olympics in 2012, the city had armed police and soldiers, even in wealthy corners of Mayfair. The event went off without a hitch and the public was kept safe. Armed police and soldiers temporarily stationed in areas of London with higher knife crime and acid attacks would serve as a deterrent and drop the crime rate. Security blimps are a useful tool as well. They are a great surveillance tool. I am of the belief, robots should be used to assist police.

The majority of the knife crimes and acid attacks appear to be gang related. Metropolitan Police officers know the names of the gangs. I have read interviews where they have referenced some of the gangs by their street names. A good, dedicated gang task force with full surveillance is needed, especially on the estates, along with round-ups and detentions. If some in society do not want to behave in accordance with the law, jail is necessary for the safety of the general public. Round ups also serve as a deterrent to other would be gang members thinking about pursuing a life of crime.

The police and soldiers would not have to cover every section of London. Only the hotbeds of crime in areas such as Tower Hamlets, Edmonton & select parts of South London. Knife crimes and acid attacks seem to crop up in the same places, indicating localized criminal activity and turf wars stemming from gang activity.


Metropolitan Police Cuts To Leave 8,000 Officers Unemployed (But Can Be Avoided)



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