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Space Pollution - Part 2

December 17. 2010

Space Shuttle

In the November 30, 2010 article "Space Pollution" the Judiciary Report warned of the ills of pollution and debris in space and the prospect of it worsening, due to commercial space travel. The article was derived from an unpublished item I wrote weeks earlier. Two weeks later, on December 14, 2010, NASA announced, in conjunction with the U.S. Federal Government, via a new RAND report entitled "Confronting Space Debris" they wish to create a "super fund" to clean up space pollution. Hey, knock yourselves out *cough* just don't look for any donations. As I see it, this isn't my mess, because that kite I released could not have gotten that far.


Space Pollution


Superfund proposed for space junk cleanup

Space Superfund Needed to Clean Mounting Orbital Trash

New Report Calls for Creation of "Space Superfund" to Clean Up Junk



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