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South Africa Projected To Run Out Of Water By April

January 30. 2018

beautiful Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa is projected to run out of fresh water by April 2018. The region has been experiencing a drought due to lack of ran and it has hit the nation very hard. There are methods of inducing rain in such situations. However the environmental impact has not been fully ascertained.

The Chinese famously performed "cloud seeding"  which is a method of shooting chemicals into the sky, with the goal of producing rain. The ice crystals become rain, as a result of the cloud seeding. It produces a significant amount of rain each year in China.

There is also another method of water collection known as "dew harvesting." Dew and mist are the presence of water that has accumulated in the air. Dew collector made of a fine mesh, are left outdoors to trap large quantities of water, which slowly filters into containers. "Dew harvesting" collects a significant amount of water where the procedure is used all over the world.  

South Africa should invest in the use of affordable water tanks, which are common in the Caribbean (as mentioned previously on the site). Water tanks are fitted to homes and they steadily collect rain water as a back up and to alleviate public reliance on the main water supply.

There are also methods of turning sea water into fresh water, but they are complex and can be quite costly when done on a large level. I pray South Africa will get some much needed rain.


Cape Town drought: South Africans warned they could lose clean water supply by April

15 hours ago - Cape Town's clean water supply could run out as early as April, officials have warned. More than four million residents could lose piped water to their homes unless consumption is reduced by April 12, South African authorities said. But even if the water supply does not run out completely people will still be forced to queue at 220 standpipes across the city.

Strict rations and waste measures have been put in place in a bid to avoid Cape Town becoming the first major city in modern times to run out of drinking water. The target to cut consumption – dubbed “day zero” – was on Tuesday moved forward by nine days from April 21. Deputy Mayor Ian Neilson said in a statement: “Due to a drop in the dam levels of 1.4 per cent, day zero has, as of today, moved forward to April 12.”...




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