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NSA Admits Employees Illegally Spied On Love Interests And Significant Others Confirming Siteís Previous Claims

August 25. 2013

NSA and FBI privacy abuses were rampant during George W. Bush's time in office and have continued in the Obama years, indicating these agencies have no intention of changing and lining up with the law of the land

In the August 22, 2013 Judiciary Report article "Judge Rules The NSA Illegally Spied On Americans Confirming The Site's Previous Claims (Video)" the site made the claim that innocent Americans are being illegally spied on by government employees, who find them attractive among other things. The article mentioned the FBI and NSA, both sister agencies, engaging in this conduct, via shared intelligence databases and tools.

Two days later on August 24, 2013, the Washington Post and other credible news outlets reported NSA employees have been illegally spying on love interests, spouses and girlfriends (see article excerpt below). It has become another scandal.

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller is on his way out as the head of the agency after engaging in unprecedented abuses 

Three and a half years ago, the in the January 19, 2010 time stamped and copyrighted article "FBI Collected Thousands Of Phone Records Illegally" the Judiciary Report stated of the NSAís sister agency the FBI, "Targets selected for surveillance, such as specific scientists, political scientists, inventors, journalists, political bloggers, activists and politicians to name a few, had their privacy thoroughly violated by Mueller and FBI HQ, via the FBI employees he instructed to do so. Granted, some FBI agents of their own accord, abused this privilege to pry into the lives of wives and girlfriends, even women they wanted to pursue sexually."

Director Of National Intelligence, over the NSA, James Clapper. He's not as massive a criminal as FBI Director Robert S. Mueller Mueller, but looked the other way to privacy abuses and recently admitted to lying to the U.S. Congress about his misconduct

Once again, the Judiciary Reportís previous time stamped, copyrighted claims have been proven true and correct. I do not enjoy writing these types of stories or breaking them for that matter, but whatís being done by certain government employees is wholly wrong. Iíve been a target of illegal surveillance by the government and it is really something I could have done without, as it is exploitative and leaves one feeling very violated.

After the scandal went mainstream, on August 24, 2013 members of Congress announced they are investigating the matter. In closing, if someone didnít do anything illegal warranting government surveillance, they really should not be spied on. Itís not fair. Itís not a matter of being secretive or having anything to hide, but people deserve privacy. What innocent people say over the phone, do on the internet and in their homes in nobodyís business but their own.

*The Judiciary Report has broken government stories first such as FBI Collected Thousands Of Phone Records Illegally (Patriot Act Abuses) and New Scandal Erupts Regarding The FBI And Justice Department Monitoring Calls Of AP Reporters Confirming Previous Site Claims and News Report: The IRS Targeted Christians and FBI Agent Arrested For Accepting A $200,000 Bribe To Derail A Criminal Case The FBI Was Supposed To Be Investigating and Another FBI Agent Caught Taking Bribes To Derail Serious Cases (Video). For the full list see the exclusives page of the site.


LOVEINT: When NSA officers use their spying power on love interests

Published: August 24 at 11:50 - The National Security Agency admitted in a statement Friday that there have been "very rare" instances of willful violations of agency protocols by agency officers. The Wall Street Journal reports that some of those willful violations involved officials turning their private eyes on love interests:

The practice isnít frequent ó one official estimated a handful of cases in the last decade ó but itís common enough to garner its own spycraft label: LOVEINT. Spy agencies often refer to their various types of intelligence collection with the suffix of "INT," such as "SIGINT" for collecting signals intelligence, or communications; and "HUMINT" for human intelligence, or spying.

The "LOVEINT" examples constitute most episodes of willful misconduct by NSA employees, officials said...


Lawmakers Probe Willful Abuses of Power by NSA Analysts

Aug 24, 2013 12:00 AM ET - Surveillance State: Three Ways You're Being Watched. The leaders of U.S. congressional intelligence committees said they want to probe the intentional abuses of surveillance authority committed by some National Security Agency analysts in the past decade.

"I am reviewing each of these incidents in detail," Dianne Feinstein, a California Democrat and chairman of the Senate intelligence panel, said in a statement, after the NSA confirmed to Bloomberg News yesterday that some analysts deliberately ignored restrictions on their authority to spy on Americans.

"Any case of noncompliance is unacceptable, but these small numbers of cases do not change my view that NSA takes significant care to prevent any abuses and that there is a substantial oversight system in place," Feinstein said.

The incidents, chronicled by the NSAís inspector general, provide additional evidence that U.S. intelligence agencies sometimes have violated the legal and administrative restrictions on domestic spying, and may add to the pressure to bolster laws that govern intelligence activities.

Republican Representative Mike Rogers of Michigan, chairman of the House intelligence committee, is reviewing the cases of intentional misconduct in detail, his spokeswoman, Susan Phalen, said in a statement...




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