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Nick Gordon Held Bobbi Kristina Brown Back And Ultimately Killed Her As She Struggled In The Aftermath Of Her Parents Problems

November 9. 2017

TV One's "Bobbi Kristina" movie

R&B singer Bobby Brown recently agreed to a legal settlement with TV One regarding the 2017 television movie “Bobbi Kristina.” Brown disliked the manner in which he was portrayed, deeming the film painted a picture of him as a bad dad to his late daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown and an abusive husband to her mother, the late singer Whitney Houston.

The movie was inaccurate, in that many pertinent details were not included and people were not portrayed exactly as they were in real life. It’s clear the makers of the film did not know the true story of what happened regarding the Browns and Houstons. Hence the disclaimer at the beginning of the movie, labeling it a retelling and dramatization.

Brown did hit Houston on noted occasions, but it was not actually included in the film. Houston publicly stated Brown privately hit her and spit in her face in his drug and alcohol rages (interview with Oprah Winfrey). There was also an incident at an airport where staff saw Brown forcefully smack Houston across the face. In short, Brown was an abusive husband. One cannot rewrite history. It’s sad things happened the way they did, but there was domestic violence and denying it would be a lie.

Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina Brown shortly before the singer's death 

Brown and his daughter Bobbi Kristina did live on different coasts in America after he split from Houston. They were not seeing each other as much as before, but did communicate by phone and see each other occasionally. The movie also portrayed Brown’s second wife Alica Etheridge as resentful of Bobbi Kristina. However, the unpleasant feeling were mutual. Both ladies had issues with each other.

Bobbi Kristina had bad feelings towards Brown over the things that went on in their household regarding domestic violence in reference to Houston and the credible rumors flying around the music industry about his cheating. Problems occurred when Bobbi Kristina understandably became angry at her dad for hitting her mother. There were also many rumors of Brown cheating on Houston (and he did repeatedly). I remember as a preteen in Miami, a family friend in the music industry knew Bobby Brown’s side chick from Richmond Heights (a suburb of Miami).

Two other family friends, one in the music industry, were present at the Jack The Rapper Convention where Brown hugged one of their friends in a sexual manner, in that he picked her up off the floor and groped her as he slowly put her back down. They were shocked. In those days Brown was high and drunk all the time.

Bobby Brown

I don’t think he even remembers some of it. Brown once stated there is 5-years of his life he doesn’t remember, as he and Houston stayed in the house doing drugs and drinking all the time. Brown cheated on Houston often. He even flirted with and went after some of Houstons’ famous friends. She didn’t trust him and with good reason. However, in reading his book “Every Little Step” Brown paints himself as the victim, stating Houston cheated on him with Tupac. Houston was crazy about Brown. He cheated first. However, in marriage, no one should be cheating.

I am sorry for Brown that he lost his daughter. That is a terrible blow for any parent. I do have sympathy for him in this regard. I kept trying to warn on this site over and over again she was headed for an early death, based on what was going on with her in Atlanta (Bobbi Kristina Brown On Life Support Due To Overdose Confirming Previous Site Statements From 2012). The movie “Bobbi Kristina” didn’t accurately portray how vicious Bobbi Kristina’s brother-turned-boyfriend, Nick Gordon, was regarding the violence and verbal abuse.

While Houston was alive, it was my understanding that Gordon kept his behavior in check, after the singer allowed him to live with them, but never formally adopted him. However, when she died and he realized Houston’s estate largely belonged to her daughter, he let his true personality come out, the one that got him into trouble with his mother years prior, and abused Bobbi Kristina no end. The makers of the film didn’t know much of the dirt and as a result, Gordon’s true viciousness was not shown in full in the film.


Bobbi Kristina Brown and Nick Gordon

There is something to learn from what happened to Bobbi Kristina. The main theme is drugs are very destructive. There is also a secondary theme. Be careful of people who try to control you in life, as some will take it to levels where it becomes an obsession for them. Exploitation is an ugly thing. Gordon held Bobbi Kristina back. Rather than help her achieve her dreams as a singer and actress, he tried to keep her to himself and scare everyone away from her, to isolate and control Bobbi Kristina and her money.

The friends who tried to help her, were bullied and barked at. Bobbi Kristina could have been sober and releasing albums. Instead, her dreams were stuck in a holding position (pattern), because Gordon did not want others helping her, as they would get a cut of the money he wanted to control. If you love someone, why would you hold them back. That’s all he ever did with her music career and then she died without being able to release any music of her own.

After being left out of the will, Gordon was looking for what he could take from Bobbi Kristina financially and quickly proposed with the intent of getting control of her $20,000,000 inheritance. He would cheat on her behind her back, buy her gifts with her own money to say sorry and kept on spending her cash on other women. He was a toxic dream-killer. He was also a killer.


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