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Madonna Fraudulent Charity For Africa Squanders Donated Millions On Big Salaries And Luxury Items For Greedy Kabbalah Members

March 26. 2011


Madonnaís African charity for the nation of Malawi has disgracefully collapsed. Money hungry thief Madonna solicited millions in charity donations from people all over the world, then she and her greedy, crazy Kabbalah cronies pocketed most of the money.

Kabbalah cult members have been drawing big salaries off the charity money, with luxury perks, including and especially Madonna. The crazy, fame obsessed animal, unconscionably bulldozed peopleís homes in Malawi, much to their protest, to make way for a school that has not happened, because Madonna and her Kabbalah kooks robbed up the charity money. There are people starving in Malawi and that evil witch did this with money she solicited in their name. She should go to prison for it.

This is what happens when people pocket charity money, rather than using it for the infirmed, disadvantaged or poor. Innocent people end up hurt and disillusioned. Itís bad enough she keeps ripping innocent children from their families in illegal, so-called adoptions, for which the public has labeled her a "baby thief" now she has victimized scores of Malawians, who are without a home, due to her madness.

The U.S. government continues to allow this evil, lawbreaking criminal, masquerading as a pop singer, to go around criminally breaking domestic and international law to the publicís detriment. However, she is afforded this reprehensible courtesy, as she bribed the FBI to look the other way to her crimes. Mark my words, that madwoman is going to bring about the fall of the FBI.


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