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Madonna Forcing Kabbalah Cult Members To Convert From Christianity To Other Religions Such As Islam Because She Was Ex-Communicated And Is Into The Occult

January 19. 2017


As some of you may remember, demonic singer, Madonna, was ex-communicated by the Catholic church in America, for engaging in sick, sacrilegious behavior, such as masturbating with a cross and singing in front of burning crosses in her substandard music video. A representative of the Catholic church stated of Madonna switching to Kabbalah, "They can have her."

Madonna is running a depraved, criminal cult called the Kabbalah Center, who have broken every law on the books in several nations. Madonna has been demanding that members of the occult based Kabbalah cult convert to other religions from Christianity. Madonna's cult's pitch started off as we will get you work, special promotions, publicity spots, as well as paid endorsements in the industry.

Once they have them in the cult, Madonna demands the members of the sect who are Christians or Catholics, convert lest she destroys their careers in the entertainment and sports industries. As such, members of the Kabbalah cult, such as Lindsay Lohan, Tyrese Gibson and athletes involved in the sect, among others, converted to Islam. Ironically, Islam forbids all the things members of the Kabbalah Center do, such as drinking, fornication, adultery and dressing indecently.

These conversions from Christianity and Catholicism have greatly distressed family members of those involved in the sect, who are of the belief their loved ones are being controlled and manipulated. Several of the mothers have taken it very badly and are devastated and crying over it. Madonna is kidding herself that what she is doing in damaging these families is not going to come back to her as something terrible from God as, "You reap what you sow."

Madonna also uses lawbreaking private investigators to illegal wiretap, hack, phone hack and dig up dirt on members of the cult, in bids at controlling them, lest she ruins their lives with humiliating and sometimes criminal information that was unearth. Madonna and the Kabbalah Center are sitting on information regarding members of the sect committing tax fraud, tax evasion, mortgage fraud, bank fraud, wire fraud and assault, among other things. Madonna and the Kabbalah Center are also illegally in possession of criminally obtained nudes/screencaps and secretly made, voyeuristic sex tapes of famous members of the cult, recorded without their permission and being used as blackmail to keep them under the cult's control.

There was an incident recently where nasty old pervert Madonna giggled and shared with an industry member, a hacked nude picture of a high profile figure she has stored on her mobile phone. The industry members was appalled and aghast, as it was obtained via criminal hacking of the subject's computer. Said industry member has been talking about it to others in the business labeling Madonna a sick, nasty voyeur.


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